Apr 072014

Been nearly 10 days since I rejoined the civilized world and so far things are going pretty more better.  This fancy marina is living up to all that I hoped it would be so far.  It’s wonderfully quiet around here.  Oh, there are the usual marina noises you always get.  Every morning the fishing charter boats head out.  But the constant beep beep of the boat lift is becoming a distant memory.  I can hear the traffic over the mangroves coming from North Roosevelt but it’s not like I’m right on the road.  And with the jail next door and the hospital right down the street there are the occasional sirens going as the police and EMT’s do their thing.  Not a big deal.  And I don’t hear much of the aircraft flying overhead anymore.

Everyone is quite friendly for a change.  The crawfish boil we had the other night was something I have not had in a long time.  From what one neighbor tells me, things have been more quiet than usual for parties and cookouts.  Anytime someone needs a hand bringing in a boat or heading out, there always seems to be some help around.  Good to know when you are trying to dock in windy conditions or having engine trouble.

Two of my neighbors left for the summer to go up north.  The other two directly across from me have their boat for sale and are leaving as soon as that is done.  The neighbors I share the tee with are living on their first boat and have very little experience.  Nice folks though and he does computer work as well so I suspect we can help each other.

I’ve been getting into the habit of taking an hour or so every evening and sitting out on the back deck, doing nothing more than watching the sky and marina.  KC likes to come out and sit with me and we just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit.

The staff has been nothing but friendly and I hope it all lasts that way.  I’ve had my fill of corporate bullshit for awhile.

The bathrooms continue to be a pleasant experience.  Don’t laugh, if you saw the glorified outhouse I was using compared to what we have here it is like night and day.   There are certain times when you really appreciate air conditioning.

I was worried about the internet situation but decided to sign up for a trial run with Beacon.  It took nearly an hour to get the sign up forms to download and I was scared that it wasn’t going to work out.  But I am posting this on Beacon right now and it seems to be fast enough.  I guess once they get your money they turn on the fast switch.  Only problem is, it’s expensive.  They have many good programs for different needs and time slots, but I am not sure what I can afford yet.  Upside, once I do get a plan, it’s good at any marina where they have Beacon.

The location of this place is working out rather well.  I’m going to cut back on the bus rides to save some money but the walk into the shopping is much shorter now.  I’m also closer to many of my current clients.

That’s not to say it’s all beer and skittles around here.  Yesterday three rather inexperienced condo renters came barreling in on a sailboat that they were having difficulty controlling in the wind.  They nearly hit the Spirit twice, which in my devious mind would not be a bad thing, before they were able to get under control and docked.  Later on, a group of assholes on jet ski’s came in for fuel.  They had no mufflers on the ski’s, or it sounded like it, and were throwing up wakes around me and several other boats that I doubt none of them could afford to damage.  This is the one downside of being out here on the tee.  I will be picking up all the wakes and such from all the boaters coming in for fuel and to dock.  Being as I have the smallest sailboat in the marina, you would think they would have enough room, but I’m guessing it’s a matter of time before something happens.  Not going to worry about it.

So for now, I’m content.  The marina is nice.  I like it here.  I just hope I can stay for a while.  It would be nice to be able to sit back and relax and not worry about where to go next.  My mindset is just starting to get back to normal.  I’m not on edge anymore and I’m sleeping more better than before.  This place is going to spoil me.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. You’re due for some spoiling. Hope you get enough of it to make up for all the bad you’ve had lately.