Apr 222014

For anyone who happens to own a domain name, there is a scam running around that you should be aware of.

A company that calls itself, “Domain Registry Services” is culling domain owners information directly from the internet and sending out fake invoices for domains that they claim are about to expire.  The invoice is sent by direct mail rather than email, and looks all official and everything.

Firstly, if you get one of these letters contact your website hosting company or domain name company that you purchased immediately and alert them to the scam.

Secondly, don’t send any money to these bastards.  None.

If you need more information here is the scam link online:  Domain Registry Services Scam 

For all my clients, I get the notice when the domain is up for renewal and I take care of the details.  Unsure how other hosts work but I keep close tabs on all my domains.  As it happens, one of said clients received such an invoice and they did call me before they sent the check so I was able to intercept it and found all this scam shit out.

And in case you are wondering, you can easily find out who owns any domain name by doing a search online.  The information is open and out there and scammers like this think up things like this.  It’s a constant battle to stop the hackers/scammers/trolls and other nefarious types who want to take a good thing like the inter webs and use it to steal/scam/hurt/annoy others.

If anyone reads this and has received such a letter or otherwise been scammed like this, please add your story to the comments section so others can learn.

Capt. Fritter