Apr 272014

I know, postings have been a bit scarce this week.  Well, it seems that lots of people have chosen this week to go kayaking with Kayak Kings, and with your’s truly as the only other able bodied guide available, I’ve been paddlin’ my little ass off lately.  There have been multiple days where I’ve done at least two mangrove trips, in one case, back to back which means 5 straight hours of non stop paddling, the occasional captain charter to the back country, plus hanging at Cow Key Marina and cleaning up gear.  So by the end of the day, this little fritter is too beat to post.  But there is an upside.   The money has been damn good for a change.  I’ve been taking out a lot of family type groups and with my penchant for entertaining stories and charming wit, the tips have been most generous.  The paddling gig should remain busy for a while and the extra cash has enabled me to purchase some more internet, so I can finally get ahead on some budget matters.  It hurts at the end of the day, but the bank account is a lot healthier so I will continue.

All the paddling has also prevented me from going downtown and photographing some of the events going on around the island lately.  We just finished up another Conch Republic celebration complete with drag queen races, naval battles, bed races, and other carrying ons.  I missed it this time but that’s ok.  There will be more nonsense coming.

Here at the marina things are going just fine.  We had another impromptu party/dinner on Friday night.  Steaks, shrimp, lobster, and fish on the grill.  Even the marina manager came down to join us.  Never thought I would see the day that would happen.  She is a pretty nice person and I hope this place pans out for the long term.

The budget for this month is way out of whack again but the upside is I am getting a lot of loose ends tidied up.  All my subscriptions are now up to date and I won’t have anything to worry about until the fall.  May through August should be pretty benign spending wise.

A minor setback on my new bag.  One of the strap buckles broke off the other day.  Turns out it is made of cheap pot metal and can’t hold a heavy load.  Rather than send it back to the company and get a new one which would most certainly do the same thing, I bought some stainless hardware that is used on boats and rigged new buckles.  They will definitely hold more better.  Now I hope all the stitchings will hold.  I really like the bag and want it last for a while.

Been getting some interest from some new people for apps and websites so the possibility is there for some new business which I could really use right now.  As nice as the tips are for kayaking, computer work is a whole lot easier on the arms and shoulders.

As I said, I bought some more internet in anticipation of said new business.  Plus I have been without way too long.  I took a short term plan just in case but now that I am fully back online again, maybe I can catch up with some postings on here.  For now, this will have to do.  Time to go paddle some more.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Yeah, I’m Still Here…”

  1. all good capt.
    all good!
    and … talk about being in shape! just think… no gym payments. upper body strength doing what you love! WHERE you love to do it!

  2. The new marina sounds really great – so glad things are going well for you there!