Jul 162014

That’s French for hat thingy.  

One of the essential clothing items a true island denizen should have is a wide brim hat.  It keeps the sun off your delicate head, protects you from the rain, and you look cool.  Well, you think you look cool.  That’s all that really matters.

Anyways, for the last year my choice for island head gear has been the ever reliable Columbia Bora Bora hat.  To it’s credit, the Bora Bora has been a good old headpiece.  It has prevented my noggin from getting sunburnt or wet over the last year.  But time and excessive sunlight have taken their toll, and the hat has reached the end of it’s economical usefulness.  The brim sags, the whole hat droops when it gets wet, so it has become time to replace it with something else.

LTM3_NaturalGreenSaid something else is what many an island reject lusts after for an authentic island hat, namely, the Tilly Airflo.

The Tilly is made in someplace called, “Canada”.  The hat has the wide brim which does not sag, even when wet.  Cool snaps so you can look even more silly.  It comes with a complicated strap system to keep said hat on your head in the wind.  It floats.  It even has a sooper secret compartment in the lid so you can hide money, id’s, or treasure maps.  It also comes with a 4 page owner’s manual because hat technology has come a long way over the years and our education system ain’t what it used to be.  I was thoroughly amazed after reading it that the hat actually fits on one’s head.  Boy was I embarrassed.  And finally it comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Who’s life, it did not specify.

But still with all that, it’s a pretty good hat and I like it so far.  I had hesitated on getting one in the past due to the $80 price tag.  A bit much compared to the Bora Bora.  But, I was able to secure one in exchange for some minor website work, so no actual money came out of pocket.  I get the hat I want and not have to spend the money.  A win all around.

It is really a nice hat and very useful if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors with the sun shining all the time.

For you people up north, the outdoors is that big thing you see outside the window as you walk down the hall from your cubicle to yet another worthless meeting.  The bright yellow thing in the sky is the sun which provides warmth, light without having to flip a switch, and has a tendency to brighten one’s outlook on life, the universe, and everything.  If you get the chance, escape from the hive and go out there.  It’s really neat.  No air conditioning, no signs pointing the way, no cubicles to sit in.  Just wide open spaces, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, and other unusual things.  Or as we who live out there call it…Living.

Get a hat and try it.  Really worth it.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: A New Chapeau…”

  1. i think the word i’m looking for is …. yes. incorrigible.
    but oddly … we keep coming back for more.
    cool hat in every way. a good one for sure.
    very entertaining post. proving once again… always best to go with quality.
    in wimmin. and in hats.
    and in lifestyles. yours seems to be working for you. now that you don’t have to worry about a soggy old hat letting in the elements.
    a picture of said incorrigible pirate in new more better hat wouldn’t have gone amiss.
    i personally like the side snapped up. suits the lifestyle.
    now if you can just get the aussie accent down…
    you might earn some extra money as an exotic pirate from down under. you definitely qualify.
    g’day mate.

  2. Dave really appreciates his Tilley airflow hat. It is much cooler in hot weather than his previous Tilley. My Tilley is not an airflow and I tied a scarf around mine so we could tell it from Dave’s previous one. We never snap up the sides–sort of stops protecting your ears if you do that. I like that they tell you where to put the extra chin strap so they can tell you where you put it if you ever need it. Of course, first you need to own a dresser. 🙂

    I also buy Tilley socks. They come with a no holes guarantee. They’ve replaced a few pairs for me over the years as I have a callous under the ball of my foot that used to wear through the socks. Since I changed my brand of shoes I haven’t had to ask for a new pair. I kept the information for replacing them with the extra cord for the hat so I would know where to find it.

    • If your socks don’t have any holes in them, then how to you get them on your feet?
      C. F.