Oct 132014

Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action. – Ian Fleming

I mentioned the incident that happened on Friday when the big sport fisherman attempted to put his 2 pounds of shit into a 1 pound slip.  And how he managed to hit another boat and take out his expensive window.  I also mentioned how it would be interesting when he pulls out and comes back again.  Well, he did, and it was.  Only this time I wasn’t here to see it so I am getting this all second hand.

Around 11:30 Sunday morning I took off for the store to grab a couple goodies before the football game.  I saw the owner of the sport fisherman walking out to his dock, said hello, he said hello back, and continued on.  When I returned around 1:00, his boat had been turned around and was now in the slip properly stern first, with the prow sticking way out into the small channel.  “Ok.” I thought.  “No harm, no foul.”  Until 5:30 when FWC came a knocking.

Turns out when he turned his yacht around he managed to hit the very expensive boat next to him, namely the Mucho Gusto, and scratch the bow. The owner of Mucho Gusto is currently up north which is a good thing as he is very anal about this boat.  Even the engine is polished.  And when he found out about it, according to a neighbor, he was not happy.  But wait!  There’s more.

At some point, somehow, again according to an eye witness, the owner of the sport fisherman lost control whilst attempting to come back in the slip and came out into the channel and up against my boat, squeezing it into the dock.  Two of his helpers boarded my boat to try and fend it off, and apparently did so.  Upon inspection of my little slice of heaven on the water, there was no visible damage.  The two helpers were on the bow and I was more worried that someone would have put a foot through the forward hatch.  Had I been there, I would have been most upset at one, him running into the boat, and two, strangers boarding my boat without permission.  A most dangerous thing to do.

As I said, no visible damage to the Free Spirit but I will keep an eye on the bilge in case there is a crack in the hull.  But the whole thing now has everyone else on the dock on alert.  The idiot has been here for 2 days and managed to hit half the boats docked on this pier.  It’s obvious he has not a clue about maneuvering a boat that size in tight spaces in windy weather.  Had he walked around and asked for help in the beginning, there are more than a few people who would have been glad to help including bring out a dinghy or two to help push things around.  But, according to the neighbor, the guy has been belligerent to everyone, blames another neighbor for failing to grab a line and causing the first wreck, and made some veiled threats to anyone who questions him.  And not once, as far as I know, has he attempted to apologize nor contact anyone of the vessels he has struck.

We are all hoping now that perhaps the marina will get fed up with his antics and throw him out.  Difficulty, he is renting a private slip.  So they will need to pressure the owner to get rid of him.  Everyone else on the dock is friendly, happy, and we all get along just fine.  But if we have to guard our boats every time this idiot cranks up his vessel, and risk getting into a fight every time he makes a mistake, well, things will need to change, a lot.

I’m not that anal about scratches and dents on my boat.  She is 35 yrs old and shows it.  If I keep her and things improve, I’ll put her on the hard and paint her up.  Then I’ll be anal.  Others, are a bit more touchy about their vessels.  Many have put a lot of time, work, love, and money to make a boat the dream they always wanted.  So when some idiot comes roaring in, clueless about what he is doing, and starts banging into things, it can get real ugly, and I believe it will next week when the one owner returns.  In the meantime, I will just have to start keeping the cat boxes at the ready and the computer handy in case I need to abandon ship at the last minute.

Never a dull moment when you own a boat.

Capt. Fritter


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  1. I’m having a similar experience. I’m at a program where a woman has rented an electric scooter. She runs into everything. She backs up until she hits something because she is unwilling to turn herself enough to see behind her. We all started out being helpful to her but most of us now run and hide when we see her coming. If she runs over Susan’s broken toe we are all going to yell. You can’t cure self-indulgent.