Nov 162014

I have the Free Spirit up for sale.  It’s currently on eBay as well as Craigslist.  It’s been a hard decision to make about this but I really need to fall back and regroup right now.  Selling the boat will give me some cash reserve to work with.  I have arranged to rent out a neighbor’s sport fisherman when the Spirit sells so I will still be here in the marina.  I just won’t be a boat owner anymore.

It’s no big deal.  There will be other boats and better times.  Right now, I just need to make some adjustments and move on.  I’ll delve more into this subject later after the boat is sold, assuming it does sell.

Capt. Fritter

It’s a good deal for anyone looking to get a toehold in Key West.  The slip comes with it at $612.50 a month, pending approval of the marina.  I’ll introduce the buyer to the manager and put in a good word and all.

  7 Responses to “Living Aboard: Time For A Change…”

  1. Like you say… there can always be another boat. It’s a matter of survival and screw everything else!

    Hope the boat sells quickly to someone looking for a new life in Key West.

  2. Not owning is your thing anyway so this will all turn out well. Wish my stomach could handle boat living; I’d consider this a steal.

  3. way to go capt.
    JG and braveheart said it for me. better than i could have said it.
    i’m glad you’ll still be at the marina.
    now it really WILL be the simple freestyle life you want.
    no ownership at all. smart move.

  4. Wow…I feel sad reading this, but I totally understand your decision. Keeping a boat maintained is a lot of hard work. Not to mention, as I found out on the snowflake this year, it’s very expensive to get an older boat back up into the condition it needs to be in in order to live comfortably and be able to sail safely and comfortably as well.

    Good luck to you Capt. Keeping my fingers crossed here for you!

  5. What’s the deal on the rental? Any protection against being booted out on short notice? That would seem to be the biggest risk I think.

    • Owner says he won’t sell it as long as I am paying the rent. At least not for now. All I ask would be at least a 30 day notice. It’s risky, I know, but my options are about gone. I don’t like this situation any better but it at least buys me some more time.
      C. F.

  6. We closed on our Blew Bayou last Friday. sigh… bittersweet. Just the thought of someone else sailing the blue Caribbean waters or even the FL waters in our boat makes me nauseous. But it was time. 9 glorious seasons of spending months aboard and meeting new friends and seeing new places was worth all of it. A life changing time. and what now? hmmmm……my cap’n will never want to charter or borrow or rent another after owning his own…..who knows?? maybe sitting out a few sailing seasons will be what we need TO FIND ANOTHER BOAT!!!!! hahahahahahha……