Nov 212014

As of the writing of this post last night, the boat is still on auction.  It has garnered a lot of activity with nearly 1000 views, 32 watchers, and 1 opening bit at $500.  I got until Sunday night at 8:00 pm eastern time for something to happen.  (Quick hint:  Sunday nights are good for starting and ending an auction.  Weekends are over.  Lots of people online looking at stuff.)

But as with anything I do in life, there are some flies in the ointment.  As I was taking out the garbage last night I went by the sport fisherman I am planning on renting when the sailboat is sold.  On it were 3 men who were looking to buy said boat.  The neighbor who is taking care of it was showing them around and as you might have guessed, it made me a bit nervous.

The guy who owns the sport fisherman has had it up for sale for awhile but took the ad down pending my moving onto the boat.  Turns out these three prospective buyers had been promising to come down and look at it for awhile now and just now got into town.  I talked to the neighbor after they had left and he seemed to think they were not going to buy it but I know how things can go sometimes.  I have not spoken with the owner of the sport fisherman yet and I don’t want to commit to anything until I know the sailboat is sold.  But, if he has a chance to sell it, I need to know now so I can pull the auction and go back to square one.  It leaves me with several scenarios which are most unpleasant.

1.  I sell the sailboat, and he sells the sport fisherman.  It leaves me with some cash in my pocket but no where to live.

B.  I pull the auction and stay on the sailboat but I won’t have sufficient funds to cover rent at the end of the month.  Meaning I will be living on a boat without a slip.

Three.  The sailboat does not sell, making point 1 moot.  Leaving me at point B.

I kinda sorta figgered something like this was going to happen.  Everything was moving too smoothly.  Chances are he won’t sell the sport fisherman and I can stay there, but I need to have assurances before the bids go too high and the sailboat is sold for sure.  This is the kind of thing that causes me to have gray hair and cuss at the tourists.  I’ve all but committed to selling the sailboat and moving onto the sport fisherman, and now the issue is in doubt.  Needless to say, I won’t be getting much sleep over the next few days.

On a separate note, remember the neighbor who came crashing in here last month, hitting had the boats on the dock?  Turns out, not only can he not drive a boat, he don’t pay rent either.  Last night he got evicted and right before dark managed slide his scow out of the slip and out of the marina…this time without hitting anyone.  The guy has been a jerk to everyone ever since he came in here.  Threatening to beat people up, letting his noisy kids run around the dock.  We were all real happy when he left.  But, karma can be a bitch.  I happened to look out the channel after he left and it looked like he was broke down over near Sigsbee point.  He did get moving but was going kinda slow.

Bonus:  My internet is working way more better now that he ain’t blocking the signal.

Capt. Fritter

I’ll let you all know what happens on Monday with the boat sale.  It’s going to be a very long weekend.


  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Boat Sale Update…”

  1. Quite a predicament! Nothing is easy for you.

    I’m surprised the jerk neighbor didn’t sink your boat on his way out.

    You’re surely due for some good luck. I sincerely hope things work out well.