Dec 052014

I’ve decided to take the boat off the market for the time being.  Not that it matters, I only had two tire kickers come by and look at it, and neither of them had the decency to answer my email following up.  But there is another reason why I will hang onto the yacht.

One of the reasons I was going to sell the boat now was because I had the verbal promise of being able to rent out a nearby sport fisherman for not much more than what I am paying now for rent.  The owner, who is up in New England just wanted somebody to pay the slip rent so, we had come to an accord.  He did have the boat for sale and took it off the market.  Now, unbeknownst to me, it’s up for sale again.  The fly in this turd is the local neighbor who is also the caretaker of said sport fisherman.  He has placed the boat online to sell, and never said a fucking word to me about it.

Said neighbor has been ok until recently.  We seem to get along fine, but I noticed a bit of a cooler attitude lately.  I know not what I have done, if anything to cause any problems, but I detect less friendliness on his part.  I suspect he has some sort of financial interest in selling the sport fisherman and my renting it out may hinder said interest.  As I was making inquiries about this and that, he kept saying that the boat needed this and that, and he was taking care of it.  I’m not that smart sometimes, but I know a scam when I see it, and this deal smelt of scam all over.  I could see me selling the sailboat and not being able to move onto the sport fisherman.  Leaving me and the cats homeless with no where to go.  Not happening.  So for now, I will stay put.

Were it just me, I wouldn’t care.  I’d sell the boat, bop around until these stupid holidays are out of the way, and head out to those other islands that I have been talking about.  But, the cats need a home….although, being the giving season, I could gift wrap them and ship them off to Oklahoma or something.

Nah, we’ll stay put.

I will continue to look for other alternatives.  I’m in good shape thru the end of the year and possibly into January if nothing changes.  I have seen a few rooms for rent here and there that are below $1000 a month, and allow cats.  But still, a bit pricey compared to what I am paying now.  The boat will still need some essentials should I decide to leave this one particular harbor and I am looking at other spots.  But being the beginning of snowbird season, slips, and rents will be expensive and scarce to come by.  I’m fine where I am, but I no longer trust the neighbor.  I’ll just have to deal with things as they are for now.  I am on good terms with the marina and that is all that matters.

On a separate note, and you are going to laugh at this one.  Remember how everyone said get Xfinity for internet.  They are evil but it works so good.  Yeah, about that.  For the last two weeks I have had nothing but issues with internet connections.  Xfinity has been spotty at best.  I’ll have a strong connection for a few minutes, and then, poof! it’s gone.  Usually when I am in the middle of something important.  It’s been driving me batshit insane.  And to top it off, Sprint, for my iPhone has gotten worse too.  I can barely get online half the time.  It’s cost me money and time with pages that don’t download, lost connections, I don’t know what else to do.  Xfinity, Sprint, Beacon, ATT, Verizon.  I’ve tried them all, and nothing works.  No matter how I try, I cannot maintain a reliable, fast, affordable internet connection.  It’s the one single thing I need to make a living, and it continues to elude me like my ex girlfriend with my credit card.

And yes, I did try Xfinity customer service.  Let’s just say it did not go particularly well.  When you try to explain to a non english speaking customer service rep that you live on a sailboat, they become confused and addled.  It simply does not register that someone can live on a boat and use the internet.  I’ll not be calling them again.

I’m at my wits end here.  I’m getting online, obviously, or this post wouldn’t be up.  But I cannot keep a reliable connection to that which I need.  One of the attractions of renting out the sport fisherman was that it included high speed internet.  But that is gone now.  So, for all intent and purposes I am running on dial up speed and I’m lucky to get it when I can.  Location may be the issue and but still, on a 2 x 4 island, you would think that providing a decent internet signal would be easy.  Yup, you would think that.

So all in all, looks like a happy fucking holiday season coming up.  No matter.  I had worse.  We’ll see what 2015 brings.

Capt. Fritter