Dec 082014

IMG_1853Whilst out visiting the pirate camp over the weekend I came across a former neighbor who used to live at that, “other place”.  Capt. Kris who runs Konch Kandles.  She had her traveling kandle wagon set up out at the park with a nice selection of decidedly tropical flavored kandles of all kinds and shapes.  If you go to the link you can see her complete lineup and she can usually be found at the local craft fairs and shows.  She has a nice line of kandles that make for some nice gifts if you are looking for something simple with a Key’s flavor to it.  Check out her site at the link or stop by and say hello if you see her at any of the shows.  Tell her you found her here on the Fritter.




Capt. Fritter

This is the kind of business I would support, as opposed to one of those big chain candle companies.  She has a nice selection of wares, you can talk to her like a human being and not some worker bee working from a script, and since she is local, the money stays on the island longer.  If you know anyone like Kris in your area, support them whenever you can.