Jan 122015

I’ve mentioned the free table on here before.  It’s a picnic table near the marina store where if you want to get rid of something but not throw it away because it still has some usefulness, you put it on the free table for somebody else to take and squeeze the last bit of said usefulness out of said item.

While most of the time there has not been a whole lot of anything left out there, on occasion somebody leaves something good.  A few weeks ago I scored a small hot plate, perfect for expanding my cooking abilities on the boat.  It has worked fine so far but I was considering getting a toaster oven for even more better meals.  I have a gift certificate for the local junk store, aka as kmart, but they have pissed me off lately and I have been hesitant to go in and look at what sort of toaster oven options were available.

Well, lo and behold, over the weekend somebody left not one, but two toaster ovens on the free table.  I’m guessing they got new ones for the holidays and these were still good.  So I snagged the smaller of the two and much to my surprise, it works like it’s suppose too.  Puts out heat and everything.

So now, in my little 23′ yacht, I have the makings of a full galley with a fridge, a hot plate, and a toaster oven.  As long as I have shore power, I can cook, which saves a lot on the food budget.

On a separate tack, notice the sly nautical reference, I have the opportunity if I so desire to move the Free Spirit to a private mooring over near the main harbor.  Said mooring is owned by a client and currently not being used.  For the tidy some of $100 I could tie off with the other boats that piss off the rich on Sunset Island.  It’s substantially cheaper than the $720 I am now paying for a slip here in the marina.  But, for me to go out there would require a few bits and pieces for the boat such as:

  • motor
  • dinghy
  • tiller
  • batteries
  • solar panel and charger
  • anchor lights
  • vhf radio
  • locks
  • mooring rigging
  • ice box
  • grill
  • new battery for the computer or a new computer
  • repairs to the forward hatch

And probably a few dozen other things that escape me for the moment.  And lets face it.  If I could afford all that shit, making the rent here at the marina would not be an issue.  But still.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about people who have taken the next step in minimalism.  Going on the road and traveling.  Untying from the slip and going cruising.  Pulling out on the open road and seeing what is out there, after winter is done and over with of course.  I’m getting a bit of wonderlust.  Going on the hook at the mooring would be a temporary thing allowing me to take what I would spend in rent and put it into the boat, or save up for something else.  It’s quite tempting except for not having all the gear I need to go out to said mooring.

Going out away from the security of the marina means a drastic change in lifestyle, even for me.  Weather becomes a daily issue.  Keeping the boat floating becomes rather important.  There is good and bad involved with a cruising lifestyle and I’m not totally sure I want to do that with this boat.

So for now I will try to stay here in the marina as long as I can.  The higher rent is tough but I think I can do it.  Come the end of the month I may not have a choice but there is time yet.  Income has slightly increased since the first of the year and I am hopeful it will continue.  As usual, a poor internet connection is costing me money but I have to deal with best as I can.

At least I now have an option or two if I want to take a chance.

Capt. Fritter


  5 Responses to “Living Aboard: The Free Table Comes Through Again…”

  1. always nice to have an option . . .
    and now you have a galley.
    life is good.

  2. Do you never take the boat out and roam? or go to another destination?

    May pass by you as we head out for our annual sailing season……blew bayou is headed to cuba this yr!! The cap’n is verah excited. been wanting to go for a long time and want to explore before it gets all “Americanized”. I’ll whistle loudly when we sail by!!!

    • Unfortunately right now the Free Spirit is a dock queen. She needs much work if I chose to go on the hook or do some cruising. Finances will dictate what I do.
      If you are in Key West or Marathon let me know.
      C. F.

  3. I’m glad that your galley is in good shape at least. I just wish you had a better internet connection. That would help a lot.