Jan 152015


If you’ve ever been hunting or fishing in Florida, visited a state park, or otherwise been on the water, chances are you’ve met the FWC.  The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is the entity saddled with making sure that the wildlife of Florida is protected and any of the said hunting and fishing is done within the laws.  They enforce bag limits, issue licenses, and oversee the state parks and wildlife management areas.  It’s a tough job and they have a big state to cover.  Anyways, recently the FWC came out with a new iPhone app, and being a bit of a developer myself, I downloaded it.  Here is what it does:

The FWC app is a nice, clean easy to use app.  It’s interface is simple and there is a lot of good info contained within.  There are news feeds of the latest happenings, hunting and fishing regulations, and a map of Florida with latest sea and tidal information.  There is also a page which syncs to your location and gives the daily sunrise/sunset.

But my favorite little feature is this.  You can go into the app, add in some personal information such as birth date and ss number, and the app will bring up any fishing and hunting license you have which you can then store in the app.  I am assuming that if stopped by an FWC officer you can show this information in lieu of an actual, physical license to prove you are legal for whatever you are doing.  If there are any FWC officials reading this, please confirm in the comments.

In my case, I purchased a lifetime saltwater fishing license back in 2000.  A great deal by the way, if you intend to fish in Florida for the rest of your life.  Sure enough, said license came up and is now on my iPhone.

The FWC app is a must have for anyone who hunts or fishes in Florida.  It’s free on iTunes for the iPhone.  No word on an Android edition.

As an app developer, or at least in theory seeing as how I ain’t had an app project in months, I’m always interested in looking at an app from a developer’s point of view.  What struck me about this app was that I recognized every aspect of it in that I have used similar code in my own apps.  In other words, with some minor differences and tweaks, I could build this app, and rather easily at that.

This gives me some hope that maybe my app venture is not quite over yet.  Whilst I’m not getting any new app business and have not done any coding in awhile, knowing that I could build an app similar to the FWC shows that I am moving in the right direction.  I’ve started coding in Swift, have looked at the watch and it don’t look too difficult either.  Right now I’m spending all my time just trying to stay afloat, literally and figuratively.  I’ve been down in the dumps lately about app development, but after seeing the FWC app and how close I am to being able to build a like app, I feel more better about all things app related.

All I need is a paying project or two, or three to get back into the swing of things.

Capt. Fritter