Jan 242015

CYA means, “Cover Your Ass”.  I’m waiting to hear if and when the mooring will be moved to the new location so I can more better plan on what will happen from there.  But given the nature of what I need and all, I have put the boat back on the market for sale.  Time is becoming critical in that I need to be out of the marina by end of the month.  As of this writing that gives me a week to make something happen.  If I have to sell the boat I can’t be waiting until the last minute thinking I will be moving to the mooring only to find out it won’t happen anytime soon.  So, I listed the boat and will see what happens.  If I get a decent offer, the boat is gone and I’m off to plan B, which I don’t have fully figgered out yet, but there is a plan B.  If the mooring gets situated and it looks like I can go there, then I stick to the original plan.  Go out on the hook and work from there.   If neither works, I can always go out and drop anchors and hope I don’t skid and slide all over the place.  I have two anchors on board, just need some anchor chain and line and I would be set.  Not the best way to do it though.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed out right now.  I’ve been having a hard time sleeping, not eating right, and constantly running the different scenarios through my little head thingy.  I good with either option.  On the hook or plan B is fine either way.  I just want to know which it will be so I can plan accordingly.  Either way brings a whole new set of issues I must deal with and rather quickly to get things started.  It’s the waiting and not knowing that I’m not happy with.

I am purging a few things.  All the electrical stuff such as the fridge and ac unit will do me no good either way.  So I’m trying to sell that stuff to bring in some extra cash on the side.  I need to clean up the boat no matter what, that is being delayed at the moment due to a big cold front coming in.  Which, btw, gives me second thoughts about the mooring as I watch the waves crash out in the bay.  One of the big downsides of being on the hook is the weather.  The spot is somewhat protected but when these winter fronts come through and the winds come barreling through from the north it can get pretty bouncy.

It’s all wearing me out right now but in another week it will be settled, one way or another.  I have no idea where I will be or how I will be living.  But the sooner I get there, the more better.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Living Aboard: Going Into CYA Mode…”

  1. oh man.
    the mooring sounds less a less of a good thing.
    it’s one thing to bounce around. that’s bad enough.
    but with the weather all over the world so dicey now . . .
    it seems like an unnecessary chance for some major wrong.
    like a storm moving in at night. fast. high winds. rain.
    and you in the dark with two cats and a kayak? NO! NO! NO! NO!
    i got carried away.