Jan 302015

I never seem to learn one simple lesson in life.  When you rely on people, and really need them to come through, that is when they will let you down the most.

I talked to my friend last week about tying up to his mooring.  Said mooring is currently off Fleming and he was planning on moving it over to the north end of Cow Key channel.  I could tie off there, rent a kayak off of him, and go about outfitting the boat for long term hook living.  I mentioned that I needed this to happen before the end of the month, which is now, as of this posting, 2 days away.

Also as of this posting, he has not returned any phone calls, texts, nor emails.  I have no idea if I will have a mooring or not.

I do realize that the weather has been bad all week.  Two cold fronts and a lot of wind.  That’s fine.  I understand.  But let me know.  Not knowing is really hurting me right now.  I have given notice that I will be leaving the marina.  I may be able to stay another week unless they have somebody else coming in to rent my spot.  Then I am screwed.  Can’t stay. Can’t leave.

Two days ago I got an inquiry on buying the boat.  I left the ad up and somebody from up the islands seems pretty interested.  He was all set to come down and take a look but I decided to wait on the mooring and called to tell him the boat was now no longer for sale.  Now I will be calling him back in hopes that he is still interested.

If I do sell the boat it brings up a whole new set of issues.  I do have an idea of what I will do but there will be some hard decisions to make.  Decisions that are eating me up inside.  I won’t discuss them here as it’s too difficult to express in words but none the less.  If the boat sells, it sells, and I move on to a new life.  Something a bit different and risky.  But something that I have been researching and looking at for a while now.

All this bullshit is causing me no end of stress.  My patience has run out.  I’m short with people and I notice a very slight change in attitude with neighbors and marina staff now that they know I am leaving.  I really want to get some closure on all this.  Keep the boat and go on the hook.  Sell the boat and move on.  At this point I don’t care one way or the other.  I just want it to happen so I can constipate on making a life again.  The lack of communication has really pissed me off and I’m afraid I’m going to lose my temper over it.  And trust me, I don’t lose my temper often, but when I do, I make up for all the times I held it in.

It’s decision time and today I will start making decisions with or without anybody else.  I’ve got a life to live and I am not letting anybody hold me up.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: Let Down…”

  1. Doesn’t help you any, but I’m downright frustrated with all of your misfortunes. I can only imagine how terrible you feel.

    Your “friend” better have a good reason for being incommunicado. Otherwise, he’s no friend!

    Just try not to punch anyone out. The cats would be screwed, if you ended up in jail.


  2. Why do you use Manatee in your blog name? are you from Manatee County Bradenton? Is that where you will go if you do sell the boat and get a new life? I bet there are many reader followers such as JG and I who are very interested in your situation and how you will handle it. JG writes that you have cats. At my Banana Bay Hotel there is a Siamese named Tormenta. She kills the rats.

    • The blog name comes from when I lived in Key Largo on another boat. I lived next door to a sea school and everyday the kids would come by while I was cooking on the grill and ask what I was cooking. I would always say, “Manatee Fritters” and they would laugh. The name stuck and thus, this blog came to be.
      C. F.