Feb 092015

While I’m dealing with all the issues of boat motors, marina rules, and general nonsense, other matters have come up that need some attention…and money, always with the money.

Next week is the deadline to sign up for the now mandatory national healthcare.  I’ve been putting it off as long as I can and mainly because everytime I’ve gone to the website, it’s so damn complicated and confusing that I wanted to just throw myself on the mercy of the Obama death panels and be done with it.

As with anything run by government, this health insurance deal is a fuster cluck of epic proportions.  Here is what I don’t get.  If you make less than $11670 a year, you do not qualify for any help.  Given my advanced age, my premiums would be $700 a month and would only cover me for little more than a band aid.  Make over $11760 a year, and I can get insurance for $4 a month.  So guess I will be making over that this year.  It makes no damn sense not to mention that by making it mandatory, everyone is by default a criminal until they get coverage.

I despise insurance.  It’s a costly, over complicated scam that even the casino operators look at with envy.  Insurance costs have done more to stifle progress than anything else.  You need insurance to drive a car, own a house, run a business, and a myriad other things.  The premiums are too high and the payouts rare.  It’s a scam and now with the government involved, it’s a crime if you don’t obey.

So sometime this week I will sign up and be done with it.  As long as I can get the subsidy I’ll play the game.  At least I’ll have the illusion of coverage and be within the confines of the law.  I suspect that as long as I don’t get sick or hurt, it will be fine.

I also did my taxes this week.  As usual, I made nothing and will have to pay out lots for making nothing.  It never ceases to amaze me how complicated our tax system is.  Businesses must spend most of their resources just to comply with and get around the obscene amount of taxes that need to be paid.  The income tax is the worst.  Page upon page upon page of economic pornography that we must, at gunpoint, comply with every year.  Paying taxes is not the issue.  I realize that government needs money to operate.  But does it have to be so fucking complicated.  Every year, I fill out the forms online and try my bestest to make sure everything is correct.  Yet when I hit the send button I feel like I’m committing a crime.

We live in a very complicated society.  When you sit back and look at all the things we are legally required to do every year, simply because we exist as human beings, you wonder exactly how much progress we have really made.  It’s a constant battle just to stay legal when you are alive.  Insurance, taxes, licenses, permits, it never seems to end.  Government at all levels is first.  Then the damn corporations with their rules and regulations.  Everyone seems to want to add some level of control to our lives.  Fail to comply with even the simplest of requirements and you can lose everything.  Our “civilization” has really gotten out of hand.

I’ve managed to reduce most of the bullshit down to the basics.  By not owning much of anything other than the boat, I’m not constantly bombarded with new things I have to renew, update, or pay for.  But the insurance and taxes will be quite enough.  Just more bullshit to take care, simply because I exist as a human being.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. i’m so glad to see it hasn’t gotten you down.
    still the happy go lucky pirate you always were!
    here’s a snoopy hug to make it more better. xo