Feb 162015

Or at least that is what my old man would call this exercise in digital futility.  That’s right folks, the Fritter is 4 years old today.  What started as a few musings about living in the Keys has blossomed into a brand in it’s now right, however small it may be.  Apps, sunsets, Fritterisms, musings about island life, boat issues, and of course, at the core of it all…minimalism.  Four years I’ve been at this and for four years, most of you have come along for the journey.

Through all of the issues and bullshit I’ve been through since moving to the Keys, the Fritter remains home port.  It’s a place I can come to and rant, rave, laugh, share, and grieve.  No matter what happens, the Fritter stays afloat, well, as long as I pay the hosting every year.  Sometimes the posts are hard to come up with.  No fresh ideas, or I’m not in the mood to write.  Other times I can’t get the words down quick enough.  It was kind of hard at first.  Not having done well in school with them there writin’ classes, I was surprised how much easier it got to posting as time went on.  I would still fail any grammar test but I write what I feel, not what is correct.

Judging from the traffic reports, I seem to have attracted a decent size audience here.  Even if you sift through the russian porn spammers and chinese hackers, the Fritter still has a sizable audience.  And you provide feedback.  The recent comments about the loss of KC made my grief a bit more palatable.  And for that I thank you.

Support has come in other ways.  Notes telling me of the inspiration someone received.  The occasional tip in the jar.  To be honest, I felt a bit uneasy putting that button over there on the left, just below the Twitter feed, and just above the search bar, because it seemed a bit pretentious to ask for money.  But on the other hand, I see the entertainers at sunset juggling, singing off key songs, or putting on an act, and making a living, why not here too.

And for those lucky few who have had the chance to come here to the end of the world and meet me in person, I’m sorry.  I’m not bigger than life.  Just an old guy who lives on a sailboat in Key West.  But it was nice to meet you.

The past year was by far the most difficult I’ve encountered since I started this thing.  The mess with the marina, the constant financial issues, the loss of my friend last week.  As the Fritter began it’s 5th year, things ain’t looking so hot at the moment.  Spring, as always, is a very expensive and difficult time.  But, I’ve been through worse, although I can’t exactly remember precisely when, and I got through it.  I firmly believe I’ll get through it again, and come out on the other side more better than before.

In the meantime, I’ve got some minor changes coming to the site.  I need to promote the app business more better so I am reviving Fritter Apps as a stand alone website.  There will be the app sales, development in case anyone needs an app, ebook sales, and code templates for sale.  It will allow me to simplify the Fritter a bit and maybe make a few more dollars using all the code knowledge I’ve spent so damn much time learning.  Fritter Apps is up and running but not quite a fully functional death star yet.  I’ll be tweaking it here and there over time.  Stop by and take a look now and then.

And as for the Fritter, I will continue as before.  I’m slowly getting out of my funk from last week, and while I will be making some important decisions here soon, I will keep on writing about stuff.

So thanks again one and all for keeping the Fritter afloat these 4 long years.  Without you this would indeed be a waste of time.  Tell your friends to join the crew.  Stay aboard and see what is over the next horizon.  Keep life minimal and enjoyable.

Use the knowledge and inspiration you gain here only for good….unless evil pays better.  Then totally go evil.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Four Years Of Wasting Time…”

  1. Long Live The Fritter!

  2. I agree. Long live The Fritter!

  3. where was i? your fritter birthday happened without me.
    happy fritter birthday!
    if i hadn’t met you there wouldn’t be a peanut. thank you for that.
    it’s all good.
    congrats capt. for keeping on keeping on!