Feb 172015

IMG_2164As you well know, I have been in need of an engine for the boat.  Seems the insurance rules of the marina dictate that all vessels moored within must be capable of motoring away from said marina in case of fire, storm, or evil developer.  I had a motor on the boat when I bought it, but I was not too fond of the noisy damn thing so I got rid of it.  Now, in need of another, and sans money, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

Well, lo and behold, Fritter Fan PapaJoe came through in the clutch.  He just happened to have a beat up old 1998 Tohatsu 2 stroke 8 hp outboard that he was only too happy to get running and deliver personally to me here at the marina.  The motor is everything advertised, runs quite well, and is low maintenance.  Having worked on a few motorcycles in my time, it should be easy to take care of.  Easy on gas, it smokes, makes noise, farts and burps, and is illegal in California.  So I can cross off sailing around the lower half of the continent and putting in at San Francisco.

For the moment, it will allow me to pass muster with the marina and if I move on, will provide propulsion to get there.

PapaJoe, I cannot thank you enough for this.  I owe you for this one.  I’m glad you have enjoyed the Fritter and I will do my damnedest to keep up with the good stuff in future posts.  And while I prefer not to have an infernal combustion engine to worry about, reality is I have to have something right now and this motor fits the bill.  Thanks again.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Thank You PapaJoe…”

  1. kind of renews your faith in mankind doesn’t it.
    good news capt!

  2. Huge sigh of relief and a huge thank you to PapaJoe for lending a hand to our friend Capt. Fritter. See, Cap, we all want you to survive this mess.

  3. You are quite welcome CF. In all fairness, a big thanks also goes out to my buddy Rod who actually gave up the motor, I just had to fix it and get it to you. We both love the Fritter and like Linda said we all want you to make it and survive the mess.