Feb 252015

I have the boat up for sale, again.  But this time for sure.  I’ve bounced back and forth over this decision for a long time now and I’ve decided it’s time to give up living on the water, and move onto the next adventure.  Provided of course the damn thing sells.

I preach a lot about not buying stuff, especially big ticket items like vehicles, houses, and such.  Whilst minimalism is the main focus, there is also another unpleasant aspect of owning something like this, and that is getting rid of the damn thing.  I’ve been running the ad for the boat on the Keys edition of Craigslist.  For those of you unfamiliar with CL, it’s a free place to post ads for buying, selling, and a bunch of other shit.  It’s a handy and convenient way to get your wants and needs taken care of.  It’s also a notorious place for every scammer, thief, pervert, and asshole on the planet.

When you place an ad on CL you will almost immediately get a replay with the words, “Is it still for sale?”. Very non specific, and a total scam.  Others will reply asking to come and see the item.  You, believing the person to be genuine, give out directions, or an address, which the scammer will now try to use to somehow steal what they can from you.  It’s a constant battle to put up with this shit and there is no real way to catch anyone short of them actually showing up and trying to steal your item from under your nose.

Then there are the people genuinely interested in what you have to sell, but don’t have the money.  If you are selling anything of substantial cost, you will hear every sob story known to mankind.  People wanting to make payments, trade their useless shit for yours, or wanting to leave a small deposit and they will for sure come up with the balance by next week.  You pull the ad, you turn down other offers, and they never return.  Sure, you keep the deposit, but you are still stuck with whatever it is you want to sell.

And of course, there are those who seem really interested, sound genuine, and make arrangements to come and see the item.  “I’ll be there in the morning sometime”, they say.  You assume they are telling the truth.  By the time afternoon has rolled around, you realize they are not going to show, and you have wasted an entire day waiting for their sorry ass to show up.

But let’s not forget the creme of the crop, the hagglers.  They are the fun ones.  You set what you believe to be a fair price for what you want to get for said item.  And you pad it a little bit because you know the hagglers will be there.   And sure enough, they show up.  I was offered:  $800,  about 1/2 of what I’m asking.  Reply:  No.  Then there was the asshole who decided that I was asking way too much.  Offer:  $1 for the boat and they would pay the slip fee.  Really?  Well let me just sign that title over right now.  Sounds fair to me.

This is why I don’t work retail anymore.  It was like this everyday when I stood behind the counter.  People make a game of this shit.  All I want to do, is sell a boat.  I don’t want to haggle, dicker, bid, counter bid, offer, counter offer, burp, fart, sneeze, nor dance.  I just want to sell the damn boat.  Here is the price.  Sure, make an offer, be realistic, and we’ll work it out.  Spare me the drama, the bullshit, and the stories.  I detailed in the ad what you are getting and how the sale will go down.  It’s pretty cut and dried from there.   But no.

Everyone has to play the game.  And I’m sick of it.

Right now, the best offer I have is from a guy in upper state New York who is coming down with about $2000 in his pocket.  He has offered me a decent price on the boat, but, he wants the boat to live on.  He intends to move it out on the hook.  He will need a dinghy.  He will need to pay for the title and transfer.  And he has never set foot on a sailboat in his entire life.  He has not read my book, that is for damn sure.  I tried to be nice and give him as many reasons as I could think of why he should not be doing this, but I suspect there is about 5 feet of snow and freezing cold up there convincing him otherwise.  He may be real, he may not.  If so, and the cash is there, he will be learning right quick all there is to know about sailboats.  I’m out of patience and running out of time.  The end of the month is nigh and I am not dropping any more slip rent here at the marina.

This decision to sell is not something I am taking lightly.  I’ve been on the fence about this for awhile but recent events have convinced me it is time to make a move.  It’s been a stressful month and dealing with these idiots on CL has only added to the fun.  I haven’t advertised anywhere else like eBay because eBay has gotten to complicated and expensive.  I have a couple days left to make this happen and if it doesn’t, then I will have to move the boat.  Not sure where yet, or how I will manage, but I will.

Postings may be a tad thin until I get this deal settled once and for all.  So don’t get all panicky if you don’t see any new info up here right away.  I’m doing ok, for the most part and I will get this all settled soon enough.

Thanks to everyone for all your support this past month.  You all made it a lot more better.  Really do appreciate it.

Capt. Fritter


  2 Responses to “Coming Down To The Wire…”

  1. Good luck! There are a lot of us rooting for you.

  2. ditto what cheerful monk says capt.
    it’ll happen for you.
    holding good thoughts here!