Mar 172015

Firstly, relax.  I’m not homeless, at least not yet.  Over the weekend I managed to secure a room to rent in Key West for a reasonable price so I won’t be sleeping under any bridges.  It’s a temporary spot which will have an actual bed, a bathroom, and wifi.  All much closer to the stores and downtown eliminating the need to ride the bus all the time.  I will be there until late May when I go up north to visit family for a week.  From there I am narrowing my options down to three possible choices:

1.  Find another place and stay in Key West as is.  Keep doing what I have been doing until such time as I want to do something else.  I may or may not be able to keep the current room.  But by then, the season will be over, fewer people will be on the island, and rentals may be more plentiful.

B.  Go to Maui.  I want to go.  Airfares are cheap.  From what I can see, there are affordable housing options out there.  Lots to do and explore.  Be nice to go out for a few months at least and see how I like it.  Nothing holding me back here from going.  If finances cooperate, I may well be there by June.

Three.  Take a long walk.  I’ve been getting into backpacking and hiking lately.  It looks like a lot of fun.  Load up a tent, sleeping bag, a few bits of clothes, and go for a walk.  Maui has some really nice trails to walk and when I get out there I intend to check them out.  But if I don’t go right away, I’m kicking around doing a partial walk of the Appalachian Trail.  I’ve been reading about the AT for a while now and I have been up in that part of the country, at least on the south end.  It looks beautiful and the trail is well equipped for long distance hiking.  I have kicked around doing the entire trail in a walk through but not this year.  I’m unsure of how well my knees will hold up or my stamina.  But I wouldn’t mind a couple three months.  Start at the south trail head in Georgia and walk until my knees give out, summer ends, or I reach the halfway point in Harpers Ferry.  A long lone walk in the woods would probably do wonders for my state of mind, until I get bitten by a snake, raped by local woodsmen, or attacked and eaten by bears.  But it remains an option.

All three options are contingent on how well finances hold up over the next 2 1/2 months.  The room is small but quiet and private.  I will be able to constipate on making some income with little or no distractions.  No worries about the weather.  No putting up with new marina rules.  I won’t be tied up to a lease so I can leave at any time.  It will be a near perfect set up to get my pitiful, worthless, life back on track.

My overall plan is simple as I have stated in the past.  Part of the year in Key West.  (It is still home no matter what).  Part of the year in Maui, assuming it lives up to my expectations and I can afford to get there and back.  Part of the year traveling.  Hiking the AT, maybe going out west to try the Pacific Crest Trail, or perhaps doing something else.  Attending some events here and there.  Whatever I do, I will blog about it here, and use the experiences for the occasional ebook or app project.

For now, I’m just going to hole up and see if I can build some income.  I’m not on any particular schedule.  Plans are flexible and subject to change at any time.  It’s going to be most interesting.  Feel free to come along, digitally of course.

Capt. Fritter

  6 Responses to “Putting My Cunning Plans Into Motion…”

  1. it all sounds so good.
    this is the life you were meant to lead!
    if i could just get you to give up grains… the GMO’s.
    your knee problem or even possiblity would NOT be an issue!!!
    did you not read my post?
    seriously. ALL joint pain anywhere. GONE. it’s nothing less than a miracle.
    ok. will stop now. but if you’re going to be doing all that walking… it’s worth a try.
    still grinning.
    GO CAPT!

    • When I tripped over a case of water while moving a kayak around and tore the meniscus in my knee, I don’t think diet had anything to do with it. Same when I crashed my bicycle and sprained the ligaments.
      C. F.

      • true. same with my torn rotator cuff in left shoulder.
        it DOES however help or stop the inflammation of those injuries.
        so there.
        let’s not fight. i’m sorry. it’s your life.
        and i don’t want to be a gnat in your face!
        it’s just that i can’t get over how good it’s made me feel. how much energy i have now.
        i see why people become fanatical! LOL. i really do!

        • Will it cure the pain of a broken heart when one’s girlfriend tramples on it?
          Will it cure the ache of a sore back from dragging the body of said exgirlfriend into the deep woods and digging a hole to bury the body?
          Just asking for a friend.
          C. F.

  2. Good! Especially on finding a source of income so you don’t have to worry about money. I’m so glad you have good internet now.