May 102015

This weekend I got a visit from Rich, a long time Fritter Fan and future Key West resident.  Rich came down for the weekend and on Saturday afternoon we got together for lunch at Hogfish and a chat about life, the universe, and everything.


Rich hails from the northeast, currently working one of those regular job thingies and hopes to be living down here sometime in the near future.  Heluva nice guy and seemed to be making the most of his mini vacation at the end of the world.  You’ll see him pop up in the comments now and then adding in his take on all that goes on here.  Nice to meet you Rich and thanks for the lunch, the shrimp po’boy was excellent as always.

It’s always cool to meet a fan in person.  And thanks to everyone who comes by and visits this humble blog.  I don’t say this enough how much I appreciate the comments, the follows, the likes on FB and Twitter, and the occasional visit from you all.  Seeing you in actual living person is way more better than looking at a website traffic report with a bunch of anonymous numbers.  Makes me realize there are living, breathing people out there, and perhaps I should be a bit more careful with what I write about….just kidding.

Crank up the snark and pirate to 11!

Load the cannons and prepare for battle!

We are just gettin’ started!


You’re sailing on the Manatee Fritter.  Anything can happen, and probably will.

Capt. Fritter

  5 Responses to “A Fritter Fan Visits…”

  1. what a neat face!
    now i will enjoy his comments even more. it’s kind of like knowing him. better. only virtually. LOL.
    he will make a cute pirate.
    oh don’t cringe. i can use those two words together if i want to.

  2. Yes, crank up the snark and pirate. You would not be the captain we love without that.

  3. I’m looking at two trips down your way and was hoping to meet up so you could add my name to your list…of course now that I have them figured out (July & Sept), you’ll be in Maui figuring new & exciting ways to have coconut for breakfast! Haha. Seriously, great story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I made it back to NJ today around 11, and then went straight to that 4 letter word called Work. My sunburn is keeping me awake right now 🙂 I need to get me one of those hats you have.

    • It makes a difference. Good to meet you, Rich. Hope you had a good time. We’ll be seeing you down here again soon I’m sure.
      C. F.