Moving To The Florida Keys: Now On Amazon…


Update:  The original version did not download correctly for the Kindle device so I have reuploaded the book under a different format.  It just went in as of this update on Sunday night and should be live in a day or two.  If you bought the book on Amazon please be patient and try the upload again when the book is live.  If you cannot re upload the book, let me know and I will send you the PDF version.  (with proof of purchase and 10 box tops).  Sorry for the delay, it will get straightened out.

Yup, that’s right.  My world famous book about moving to the Florida Keys is now available for sale on Amazon.  For all of you people who have one of those Kindle thingies, you can now download the book and read all about moving and living in the Keys.  I wrote the book about 3 years ago describing my experiences in moving down here to the end of the world and it pretty much holds true today.

There are chapters on the weather, water, economy, lifestyle, attitudes, along with tips on boat and rv living, and of course a liberal dose of minimalism.

The book sells for $2.99 on Amazon, same price as the other outlets.  It’s an easy read and essential to anyone thinking of moving to the Keys.  So if you are big Amazon shopper, go to the link and pick it up.  If you are an Amazon affiliate, please feel free to throw a link up on your site.  I have no doubts that millions of dollars will roll in when you do….just kidding.  I have doubts.

If you want the original version of the book on the iBookstore it’s still there, just click that link.  Or you can even get the app version.

Whichever version you chose, if you are indeed pondering a move to the Florida Keys, you really need to read this book.

Capt. Fritter