Jul 102015

Once in a while it happens.  The stars align just right, things fall into place, and all is well with the world.  At least it seemed so this week for a change.  I’ve been struggling week by week to get things off the ground and gain some decent income without much success.  Every week has been stressful, juggling figures to see if I can cover what I need to cover, and just trying to maintain some semblance of income.  Somehow I’ve managed to do so by a combination of very minimal living, and bringing in some extra income just in a nick of time.   This week was one of the better ones.

One thing I don’t want to do is be dependent on any one source of income.  The reason being is once you become dependent on said income, sooner or later, said income will dry up or fall way short.  And if you are sitting there without any back up, you are screwed.  So, I’ve been trying different sources of income, a little here, a little there, and keeping it as steady as possible.  While no single source is enough to cover all expenses, if I lose one or even two, I can still get by with a reasonable amount of comfort.

This particular week proved how multiple income sources can work out when everything is moving smoothly.  I was able to garner income from 5 different sources which when combined made it one of the more profitable weeks I have had this year.  There was the old reliable Amazon Turk, time consuming but steady.  Some royalties I still get through some video work I did last year.  I did some minor webwork for a client.  Helped a friend move.  And in a big surprise, picked up a couple of kayak tours, which I had not done in a while.  Both of which paid well including some hefty tips.  It took a little bit of extra work, but it all paid off in the end.

Now, a lot of this stuff was one time only.  Next week I’ll probably be back to normal but for a brief few days, I had achieved what I was looking for in terms of income sources.  Quick, easy, decent paying, and not being dependent on any one source.  While I don’t have the “security” of a worker bee job, I do have the flexibility to do different things, work at my own pace, set my own schedules, and pick the things I want to do.  It’s a really nice way to live if you don’t mind the unpredictability of what next week may bring.

It’s been a very rough year what with losing KC and Charley, giving up the boat, and really struggling.  (I knew turning 60 would not be good.)  But this week gave me some faint hope that perhaps I’m on the right track and things will get more better.  My bills are pretty steady now.  No big surprises.  I need to tweak a few things and I sure as hell ain’t putting away any savings, but I am keeping ahead of things.  A week like this now and then gets my hopes up.  It makes me feel like some of the things I want to do are within reach.  A little closer every day.

Capt. Fritter


  4 Responses to “Digital Nomad: A Good Week…”

  1. Now, if you could just get a few of those good weeks in a row. I’m keeping my hopes up for you.

  2. ditto linda’s comment.
    i know you do love the freedom of it. but it seems so stressful to me.
    i could not take that constant kind of stress. maybe in my 30’s I could have. but not now.
    hope you’re on a roll! good luck!

    • It’s been like this my entire life. Even when I was making good money it was during a time when I was deep in debt. I think if I had a steady income I would stress more out of fear I would lose it. Sometimes it gets to you, other times you pay no mind, just keep doing.
      C. F.

  3. Good for you, Capt! Fingers crossed you have another successful week around the bend! 🙂