Jul 122015

One of the Fritter’s most ardent fans, Chuck, paid a visit to Key West this weekend.  He came down with his daughter to treat her for graduation.  We hooked up on Saturday and had lunch at El Siboney, solved all the world’s problems over sammiches, and got to visit for a bit.  They were then off to the Mel Fisher Days going on downtown.

Chuck is in the midst of downsizing and working on eventually moving down here. Amanda, his daughter starts college this fall and may well follow him when she graduates.

It’s always great to meet a fan of the blog.  It’s nice to know some of you out care enough about the ramblings I put here to actually want to meet and greet.  I always appreciate it and I’m glad to meet you.


IMG_3301Capt. Fritter


  5 Responses to “A Visit From Chuck…”

  1. well if that last one isn’t a couple of great lookin’ wicked old pirates … i don’t know what is!
    and a pretty amanda wench too!

  2. After all these years, from the “Hey, this Pedal Fritters site has some great info on this upcoming boondoggle of a road project!” all the way through the $50/day challenge, the $125 fees to take a pee at the marina, to the 100 things challenges, and the dreams of Maui…I finally got to hear the voice behind the musings. Thanks for the hospitality!!