Jul 292015

Not content with destroying a perfectly good marina and upending the lives of a nice group of boat owners and live aboards, HWSNBN has now set his sites on one of the last affordable rv resorts in Marathon.  Yup, the bastard is at it again.  This time he wants to buy out the Knight’s Key Rv Resort, and build another ‘signature’ high end destination.  Kick out the middle class, bring in the rich.  Yeah, I’ve seen this movie before and it don’t end well.

If you read the comments at the end of the article they are mostly against.  The usual arguments, ‘paving over paradise to put in a parking lot’ types.  But much like wallymart, it’s already a done deal.  It’s now a matter of convincing the Marathon City Council to go along with the plan and you can bet they will bend right over to do it.  Sure, maybe a council member or two will want to fight it, but there is too much money at stake.  It’s always, always, always about the money.  Nobody can ever get enough and when this prick starts throwing out figures about higher property values, a larger tax base, it will be all over except for the shoveling.

Knight’s Key sits at the west end of Marathon just before you cross the 7 mile bridge.  It’s a nice little spot, sort of quiet and out of the way.  I’ve noticed more than a few ads on CL for trailers and rv’s for sale there, many which have been permanently set up and provide some decently priced housing.  They will all be gone now.  There is really only one other campground, if memory serves in Marathon, Key RV park, a place I stayed for a few months before coming to Key West.  It was ok, convenient in it was a block away from the Publix but the sites were very small and the manager was a bible nazi with a very unchristian like attitude.

Overall Marathon ain’t a bad little town.  There is no big events like Key West, it’s pretty laid back, but there is a huge boating community based mostly around Boot Key Harbor, the largest protected harbor in the Keys.  Much like the rest of the Keys, over development has creeped in during the past years.  Most of the old original businesses are long gone, replaced by fancy, gated resorts, reserved only for those with the proper income to partake of said properties.  The airport and the community are trying to become an international port of entry, most likely to take advantage of the impending opening of Cuba.  (And BTW, for anyone who may be reading this from Cuba, your island is the next target for development.)

The waters around Marathon are excellent for fishing and diving.  The ICW splits off here with the west leg heading for Key West while the other ducks under the 7 mile bridge and heads to the north to the west coast of Florida.  So a lot of boaters come in to take advantage of the calm waters of Boot Key and get some work done on their vessels before moving on.  As of the date of this posting, the island is crawling with lobster hunters ready to hit the reefs later in the week.

As for Knights Key, if you look at the website for the campground it’s more than affordable as Key’s campgrounds go.  Prices are below average and they take everything from tents to the million dollar rv’s.  And now, it will be gone.  RV and camping in the Keys is becoming as difficult as living on a boat.  Few campgrounds, exorbitant prices for sites, it’s getting more and more unpossible to camp here.  Now, thanks to a greedy son of bitch with a Trump ego but not as much money, 199 available campsites are going to vanish.

You have to sit and wonder sometimes at what drives people like this.  It has to be more than just money.  Ego must be a big part, just to see one’s name associated with all these major developments, to have one’s ass kissed by governments and other rich assholes.  To wield power over others who cannot prevent you from doing whatever you want.  Whatever drives someone like this, I don’t have it.  Hell I get embarrassed when someone compliments me on blog comment.  Guess it’s why I am and will always be poor.  At least I can sleep at night without any guilt although I doubt HWSNBN has no guilt.  He has no shame for sure.  And no taste.  This development will be another cookie cutter run of the mill resort.  Slap a few buildings together, decorate it from the discount bin at Home Depot, cut down all the native plants and bring in invasive species which don’t belong but sure do look purty, and call it a resort.  Stick up a gate to keep us po’ folk out, hire out the service workers at minimum wage, and profit.  It’s the way he works, uncaring about what the Keys were.

Well, it seems to be a running theme this week.  Wallymart is coming, HWSNBN about to destroy another Key’s dream for some regular folks, more development, more money in the pockets of the rich, less chance for the poor to stay.  I can see it, at some point the Keys won’t be the Keys anymore.  It will happen way more faster than any of us expected.  Oh, you’ll still be able to vacation down here, if you can afford it.  All the ads will continue to hype the Key’s mystic, the sun, the palm trees, the water, but in reality, it will be just like Disney, a false front put on to make you think you are in someplace special, but you ain’t.  The Keys will be just another vacation resort, the realities of what it once was, a distant memory.

I’m glad I don’t own anything anymore.  No boats to worry about, although I see some really good deals online now and then.  No rv lot to fret over.  No home which can be taken from me.  I don’t regret moving here, never will.  I have enjoyed my time here and will continue to do so until I decide to move on, wherever it may be.

For those of you who have considered coming down here to live and perhaps have read my book, (caution, blatant plug alert), let me give you some advice.  First, come down, give it a try.  Living down here, even if it is for a short time will still be worth it, if nothing else, so at some point in the future you can brag you lived in the Florida Keys.  Come down with the attitude it will end very quickly.  Come with a minimalist attitude, avoid long term commitments, don’t buy any property unless you can see a real possibility of making a profit when the developer’s come a calling, and enjoy what is left of the islands.  The water is still here, the weather is still tropical, and the sunsets are still free.  When the time comes and what you came down here for is no longer here, then pack up your backpack and move on.  It’s my attitude now.  I’ll still post about all these changes coming, but I cannot prevent them, influence them, nor profit by them.  So fuck it.  I’ll live here, enjoy what I came for, and when the time comes…

Capt. Fritter

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.