Aug 032015

It’s been downright boring around here over the past month.  Not a whole lot of anything going on other than the Lobster Season kicking off.  I’ve had no motivation to do much more than try to make rent every week, feed my fat ass, and little else.  But, here are a few tidbits until the old creative juices start flowing again.

Said Lobster Season came and went with little fanfare.  No deaths during the two days although a couple divers died before and after.  The weather was near perfect all week and judging from the lines at the grocerteria, it looked like a good crowd this year.  Didn’t hear much about too many lion fish being speared although I am sure a few were taken.  And remember kids, it’s ok to spear a lion fish, a lion, not so much.

Speaking of which, how is big game hunting still a thing?  Especially hunting endangered species.  The asshole dentist who killed the lion was looking next to bag an elephant.  What did he hope to gain from all this?  Respect?  Admiration?  Making up for some sort of short coming in his pants?  Whatever it was, he has managed to destroy his life very quickly.  People will forgive and forget most things, but not cruelty to animals.  What this bastard did is totally unforgivable and he deserves whatever punishment awaits him.  If he hunted big game to prove how manly he was, he is now getting a first class lesson on how to be manly.  He lost his practice, he cannot go back to his home, and he is on the run.  If he is so fucking tough he needs to come out of hiding and face whatever awaits him.  But, I’m suspecting he is really a coward and he will continue to hide.  Really Africa?  Big game hunting is still legal?  Why?  It serves no purpose whatsoever.  None.  Nobody can defend this practice.  It needs to stop.

On to other things…

We continue to have a very dry and hot summer in the Keys.  Key West in particular has not had much rain at all, although as I write this a squall line is moving up from Cuba at the moment.  But the tropics in particular have been quiet.  Nothing has formed anywhere and it looks to remain so.  Not so much for Hawaii who is battening down for a run from Guillermo.  It doesn’t look to be a major storm but it will have an effect on the islands this week.  We still have a long way to go for the hurricane season and August/September is peak time.  Just have to wait and see.

Speaking of which, I was kicking around the possibility of heading out Maui way this month.  I had a situation where I could have maybe, just maybe been able to do it, but things didn’t go as planned.  It’s a shame because flights out of Key West, Miami, and Orlando to the islands are extremely affordable right now.  But, finances are still too tight and even if I could have made the flight, I wouldn’t have sufficient funds to live there so, I will wait.  Unless something dramatically good happens it looks like I will be putting off any thoughts of going there until next summer.  Anything could happen between now and then, but for the moment, I will stay put.

I’ve been looking at boat ads…again.  Let me say this, if you are in the market for a sailboat and have anywhere from $2000 to $20000 burning a hole in your pocket, it’s a buyers market right now.  There are lots of really nice looking sailboats out there looking for a new home.  Everything from small sloops to catamarans.  I’m kinda glad I don’t have the cash right now because chances are I would be doing some serious looking.  I don’t know how it is anywhere else along the east coast but the Keys and most of Florida appear to be the place to look if a boat is in your future.  Shop carefully and be sure of what you are getting.  But there are deals out there.

For all you Nikki du Plessis fans out there, and I know you are, I read the blog stats, everyone’s favorite Key West Sea Siren will be coming home for Fantasy Fest in October.  She is looking forward to all the madness, this will be her first so it should be interesting.  Yes, I will have my camera handy…very handy.

OBTW, the bus stop at Key Plaza will remain open as they have not yet built the new stop out on North Roosevelt.  The current bus schedule will remain the same until said stop is completed.  No word on what the delay is but a story in a recent local paper confirmed the owners of Key Plaza wanted the bus stop taken out, presumably because of all the urban outdoorsmen who hang there.  There has been some opposition to moving said stop out on the busy highway of North Roosevelt.  Crossing the street in that area is very dangerous and a lot of the people who use the bus are not that spry.  It’s an accident waiting to happen.  For updates go to Key West Transit where they will let everyone know what is going on.

That’s about all for now.  As I said, it’s been quiet around here.  August has nothing special happening.  Next up is Labor Day, then in September is the Poker Run, then comes October when things get busy again.  For all of you, have a safe summer and keep checking back.  I will be getting creative soon enough.

Capt. Fritter