Aug 052015

Things have been quiet all summer for me.  No real drama other than some scrambling to make rent every week.  But no other crisis has appeared.  I moved into this room which I currently reside and it has proven to be adequate for my needs.  Reasonably quiet, private, good internet, and the location pretty good.  I can sit in my little space and work the computer all day without any interruptions…until now.  This week, things came crashing down and I am not a happy Fritter at the moment.  Here are the details so far.  This thing is not over yet.

My landlord is a pretty nice guy.  Younger, has a full gym in the back yard so he works out all the time.  Never saw him drink and he always seemed to be in a good mood.  He had a job at one of the resorts downtown so I rarely saw him except in passing or when it was time to pay the rent.  There is one other guy, older fellow who rents the other room, he works part time and we rarely see each other.  All one nice and quiet little place.

But then there was the friend of the landlord.  He was staying here part time, using the shower, eating the food, and occasionally sleeping in, sometimes with his girlfriend.  He liked to drink and she was loud so when they were here, it was noisy.  As far as I know, he never paid a dime in rent.  The landlord let him stay as a favor.

Well, said favor lasted too long and at the end of July the moocher was given the boot.  Out he went and me and the other tenant were happy as things would be quiet again.  But not for long.

I noticed last week the landlord seemed a bit listless when I saw him.  He wasn’t working out like before and a couple of times I saw him with a beer in hand.  Something was up.  This past Monday he came home from work earlier than usual and seemed to be not all there.  I found out later he was drunk as hell and apparently got fired.  The other tenant confirmed my suspicions and said he has seen this before, having lived here for 2 years.  The landlord would go on binges every 7 or 8 months, drinking himself into a stupor and what I saw was just the beginning.  I asked if he got violent when he drank and the other tenant said no, just really drunk.

Well, he came home early and passed out in his room.  I went to the store and came back later in the afternoon.  I had just put my food in the fridge and went into my room when I got a knock on the door.  A complete stranger, wearing just a pair of old shorts, smoking a cigarette, (not allowed inside), and looking a bit drunk himself, wanted to know if I would show him how to use the internet.  I asked who the hell he was and he said, “I’m a friend of the guy passed out in his room.” , not giving a name or anything.  This of course threw up all kinds of red flags.  I said no, and closed my door, locking it.

About an hour went by when all of a sudden I heard more voices in the other end of the trailer.  The friend who got kicked out had returned, with his girlfriend, and another woman showed up.  They all had plenty of beer, were cranking up the radio, and getting revved up to party all night, which is what they did…all fucking night.  Inside and out, laughing, yelling, drinking, attempting to sing, and generally being obnoxious.  I went out to the kitchen once to get something to eat and the stranger walked in, and again demanded I show him how to use the internet.  I told him to go ask the landlord.  I had met this idiot twice and I already hated him.  By then he was so drunk he could barely stand.

As I said, the party went on into the wee hours of the night.  The other tenant came out and yelled at them to knock it off with the noise but to no avail.  Come Tuesday morning, I got up and went out to get a drink of juice and some yogurt for breakfast only to find all the food I had put in the fridge the night before was gone.  I went into the bathroom where I had left a full package of 4 rolls of toilet paper, it was all gone.  The toilet itself had been broken off from it’s floor bolts and was leaking all over the floor.  Needless to say, I was pissed.   But I didn’t confront anyone about it.  Arguing with drunks is like arguing with a cat.  They just look at you and then go back to licking their ass.  And I knew if I started something, I would be the one who would get kicked out.

By 10:00am everyone was awake.  They started right back into the beer again, cranking up the radio, and continuing with the party.  By late that afternoon, I was getting hungry so I left to go get something to eat, locking my room up and hiding some things, because I have no idea who these people are and don’t trust any of them.  When I got back, things had quieted down considerably.  Only the landlord, who was passed out, one woman, and the stranger who had by now figured out the internet were still there.  By evening everyone was passed out.  The trailer is a mess with garbage everywhere.  I went to use the bathroom, keeping a roll of toilet paper for myself, only to find someone had bled all over the lid.  So I cleaned it up and scrubbed it down.  It was still leaking too.

I don’t know how much longer this is going to go on.  The drunk stranger looks like an urban outdoorsman who saw an opportunity and will squat until he gets thrown out.  I’m sure there will be more drinking and noise.  I have no idea what the landlord will do when he sobers up.  I don’t know his financial situation but the rent us two tenants pay is going to be essential to him.  As of this posting today, my rent is due for the next week, and I still haven’t decided what to do.

This situation is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  I have no use for drunks, drama, nor bullshit and there is plenty of all three going on here right now.  It’s noisy, I don’t trust anyone, I can ill afford to have what little I got stolen right now, and even the simple act of using the bathroom is a pain in the ass.  I can see a confrontation with the drunk stranger coming.  If the noise continues, I could see the police making a visit and I will not get caught up in that bullshit.

One minor good thing, I have not seen any evidence of drug use, not even pot.  It appears to be all booze for now.  But still, I don’t need this shit.  Not now.

The problem is, I have no where to go, at least on the island.  More importantly, I don’t have the money right now to go anywhere.  Yes, I checked.  I could be on my way to Maui by Thursday, hurricane be damned, for $419 out of Miami.  A helluva good price, but even if I had the airfare, I’d be flying in on nothing else but my charming good looks and devastating wit.  Neither of which pays well.  In a pinch I could bus up to Orlando for a week or two but that accomplishes nothing.  I need to be online to make any money.

What really pisses me off is I’m starting to see a bit of progress.  Income is increasing ever so slightly and I was hoping this place would last me to the end of the year or maybe into late spring of 2016, then I could head west.  Now, I’m not even sure if I will be here another day.  If this drunk binge gets worse, and I start having problems with the landlord’s ‘friends’, I may not have any other option but to leave.

It’s exactly the kind of situation I wanted so desperately to avoid.  No drama, no drunks, but here I sit, stuck.  I’ve been looking hard at boat ads again, trying to figger out if I could afford anything, but even the good deals are way out of my range for now.  I guess I should have known.   I have always lived alone and have been more better off that way.  No roommates, at least no humans, no sharing, no putting up with the bullshit I am putting up with now.  And when I do get out of this situation, and I will, I will never live with another person again.  No more sharing.  I live way more better being a selfish little Fritter.  A cat or two is more than enough company.

I’ll probably fork over another week in rent but with reservations.  Hopefully the worst of all this has passed, the landlord will sober up, find himself a new job, and things will get back to normal.  But, I have a funny feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  I may well be homeless if this doesn’t straighten out soon.  And I don’t mind the idea of being homeless, providing I can still make some money and travel to boot.  Which is what I want to do anyways.  But I ain’t quite ready yet.  The timing on this is all very bad and I’m not prepared for it.  I may not have choice, so I will have to get through it no matter what.  I’ve been through worse, but it sure ain’t no easier.

Damn, I was hoping the rest of the year was going to be more better.

Capt. Fritter

  7 Responses to “Exactly What I Didn’t Want…”

  1. dear god.
    you lost me when you cleaned up the blood all over the toilet.
    i would not have set foot in there.
    i also would not be paying ANY further rent.
    first. he has not lived up to his end of the contract. just ask the health department.
    second. he’s so drunk he won’t remember whether you paid or not.
    third. i’d be out pounding the payment… rent in my pocket… looking for another place.
    it’s NOT going to get better.
    a card board box on the beach alone would be better than that.

  2. i have no couch. you know that.
    but i do live in a little apt that furnishes heat/air conditioning … fast internet… tv… water… all for the price of $675 per month.

    we have one of the lowest cost of livings in the u.s. i believe. (without … hopefully… the illiteracy that often goes with that).
    no offense to any readers of yours that i may have just insulted.

    you are always welcome.
    we are nice to pirates who just want to live and let live.

    i’m past worrying about you. for so long i have not seen how you do it. i guess the sunsets must be totally worth it!
    said without any snark whatsoever. just affection.

    • $675 has gotten me a boat slip in Key Largo, a rv in Marathon, a crappy room with no bathroom on Stock Island, two more boat slips on Stock Island, and now this dump. If it were not for the internet I would have not taken this place, but now I am stuck until I can find a way out. I got myself into this, I’ll get myself out. Always have before.
      C. F.

  3. It’s still summer up north; maybe you could go visit PA until he sobers up? If you could predict how long that will take. Does the other roommate have an estimate? Man, you make me wish we had a couch but I don’t have one of those either. We all know you are part cat, though, so I expect you will land on your feet somehow. Please, keep us posted.

    • Appreciate the concern and sentiment. I’ll be alright. Haven’t paid the next weeks rent yet because the landlord has been passed out most of the day. The moochers have trashed the place. Garbage everywhere, all they do is drink, play music, and who knows what else. Went out to the kitchen this am and one of the whores was passed out naked on the floor. Quite simply, I have no other place to go right now. At least they are leaving me alone. I pretty much stay in my room all day anyways. When I do leave, it will be quick and without any notice. Pack up and go. Pa. is not an option. Never will be. Never.
      C. F.

  4. Sounds like a fun place! Why not get drunk and screw the sleazy whores and beat the hell out of the other assholes?

    Should have known that things were too quiet for you!

    Just my sick humor.

    This is a real mess! You couldn’t even place an anonymous disturbing the peace call to the police, without the idiots targeting you. Just hope the landlord sobers up and throws the riffraff out before someone really gets hurt. Try to lie low and watch your back.

    Good luck and keep us posted.