Aug 062015

It’s Thursday morning as I write this.  The party in the other end of the trailer has gone non stop now since Monday and shows no signs of letting up.  There have been brief periods of quiet when everyone was passed out or otherwise engaged but the drinking, music, and loud chatter remains.

The two whores, and they are professionals as they stood in the living room yesterday and discussed fees for their various services, have not left since they got here.  Both are loud and obnoxious, and neither can sing, although they continue to try when some favorite song comes up on the radio.

The former roommate who got evicted is the boyfriend of one of the whores and he has returned a couple of times to join in on the festivities.

The stranger who was intent on getting online has not, to my knowledge left.  Other than once or twice to come out and scowl at me, he has never left the computer since he got here.  I trust him the least.  He has thief written all over him.

The landlord has been incoherent since this has all started.  In the morning I have found him sitting on the couch with a pile of empty beer cans around him, drinking a fresh one.   I’ve tried to talk to him, and he occasionally comes out of his stupor to say he needs to find a job or something, but other than that, he is piss drunk all day and all night.  Considering how hard he was working out and exercising before all this, it’s a bit of a surprise.  He initially gave me the impression of someone who was very health conscious.

The trailer itself is a mess.  Only this morning did one of the whores get off her fat ass and pick up some of the garbage. There were empty cans and junk strewn all over the place.  The bathroom is the worst.  The toilet has broken from the floor bolts and the water line feeding the tank is leaking all over the floor.

If there is any good out of this it’s the fact that at least nobody is bothering me nor the other tenant.  At least not directly.  Nobody is knocking on my door nor trying to engage me in some conversation.  I can put up with the other bullshit, at least for the moment.

I can’t leave any food in the fridge.  Anything I stick in there will get taken the moment I turn my back.  I can keep food in the room but I can’t buy anything which needs refrigeration.  It will just be eaten by someone else.  I haven’t bought any more toilet paper like I usually do.   I have some for myself but nobody else seems to be concerned.  I don’t even want to think what they are using.

I’m real concerned when I have to leave to go get some food.  I lock the room door and hide the computer and some other things but it would not take much for someone to break in.  This is my biggest concern of all.  If I can’t feel safe and secure where I am living, then I don’t want to live there.  I have little but I need what little I have.

As of Wednesday the rent for the week was due but I haven’t paid it yet.  I mentioned it to the landlord but he was so drunk he just nodded and passed out again.  I have no intention of giving him another dime until this shit gets straightened out.  This is not what I paid for and not how I want to live.  Up until this week, this set up was working out pretty good.  It gave me what I needed and I was content enough to make do.  Now, things have changed.  I don’t trust strangers, especially moochers who are here for the party.  These are the people who come to Key West that I wanted to avoid most of all.  They just drink, party, are noisy, not too bright, and will steal whatever they can lay their grubby little claws on.  Exactly what I wanted to not be around.

I expect people will have parties now and then.  I expect people to enjoy some drinking and carousing.  But this situation is different.  These people are taking advantage of the landlord, eating his food, squatting in his home, and taking advantage of him.  And he is too drunk to do anything about it.

I would walk out of here right here and now except I have no place I can go.  No friends to stay with, other then the possibility of a week up in Orlando if I have too.  Money is too tight to find another place, a boat is way out of range, as is a flight to Maui.  But if things get worse I will walk and leave it to chance.  As I mentioned before, I haven’t seen any evidence of drug use, at least I haven’t smelled any pot burning which is a big surprise.  I thought for sure, given the nature of the partiers, somebody would be lighting up, but so far no.  If that does happen, I walk, no matter what.  And when I do, I will give the landlord no warning.   He knows little about me and I can block his phone number.

I’m tired folks.  Really fucking tired.  It seems like no matter how I try I just can’t seem to settle into something nice and secure around here.  All I wanted when I came to Key West was a simple, quiet place to live where I could work on my own and enjoy the island.  But with every turn it don’t seem to be happening.  It’s not the island itself, I still love that aspect of living here, but between the low lifes and the rich assholes, it’s getting real difficult to settle in.  It’s all my fault though.  I let myself fall into this situation and now I have to pull my self out of it.  But that’s ok, I’ve been through worse.

I don’t know what will happen next but I’ve a feeling it will not be good, at least not in the short term.  I have some very minor but important things to tidy up before the end of August, but after that, I may just make Maui a priority.  Get out there and see how that island is compared to this one.  I’m ready for a change of scenery.  It may work out, it may not.  I may leave Key West and miss it so much I will return.  I may leave and never come back.  I won’t know until I try.  All I do know is I need to get out of the situation I am in now and fast.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “The Party Continues…”

  1. i just hope you get out before you get a life threatening disease… or worse.
    if a knife fight breaks out… or the police are called by neighbors or such…
    there you’d be.
    what a mess.
    i’m thinking it’s time to leave. to go to orlando. and then on to maui.
    you’ve had too much major stress in the last few months. this is not good.
    how much is a bus to orlando?
    that’s what i’d be on in the next hour. thank god you live out of a back pack.