Aug 072015

It’s Friday just after noon now.  Here is the situation so far for anyone keeping score.

The landlord remains on a bender now stretching into a week.  He has a beer in hand at all times now.  Mostly he just sits on the couch, drinking and staring at his phone.  Occasionally he passes out then wakes up to get another beer.  He has shown occasional signs of consciousness like when I mentioned the broken toilet, but then he falls back into a stupor again.  As I write this he is sitting outside under an umbrella passed out in a chair.  He woke up a minute ago and vomited repeatedly, then passed out again.

It’s not often you see someone try to kill themselves by beer but this looks like what he is trying to do.  Before all this he was a work out maniac.  He was doing heavy lifting in the yard every day, taking long bicycle rides up the road and back, and eating healthy.  In one week he has destroyed himself.  The other paying tenant says he does this all the time but I don’t know how anyone could do this to themselves.  He ain’t very old, probably late 20’s or early 30’s at most.  The extremes he is putting himself through are going to kill him at an early age.  You can’t binge drink like this and hope to survive.

In the meantime, the one hooker and internet stranger are showing no signs of leaving.  They have moved in and are taking full advantage of the situation.  The noise has died down some with occasional bouts of loud music or talking.  To their credit, or maybe even they decided it was too much, they did clean up the place a little bit.  Got the garbage put out and such.  They even went out and bought some toilet paper.  But they are not leaving anytime soon.  I’ve got to believe they are also stealing whatever they can grab from the landlord.

The toilet remains broken.  It’s usable but leaking all over the floor.  I refuse to fix it myself as it’s not my responsibility.  I don’t know what his financial situation is, given he has lost his job.  I know he owns the trailer but rents the lot at $1000 a month.  Plus utilities.  The other paying tenant and I probably cover the lot rent.  Beyond that, if he doesn’t have a lot saved up, this place will shut down fast.

I have yet to pay this week’s rent and I’m holding off until I see what happens.  The landlord could break out of this over the weekend and all would be back to normal again.  Or it could go on indefinitely.   I posted an ad on a FB group looking for a new place but given my tight budget and lack of options, I doubt anything will pop up.  I’m keeping my things at the ready in case I need to leave quickly.  It won’t take but a few minutes to stuff the bag and go.

All I can really do at the moment is try to bank as much money as I can, ride this bullshit out, and be ready to leave when the right opportunity strikes.  I don’t like it because I may end up in an even worse situation although I can’t imagine what it could be.  It’s a helluva way to live but it’s all I can do for now.

Capt. Fritter