Aug 082015

It’s Saturday afternoon now, and here is where things stand with the current living crisis.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard one of the whores tell internet stranger it was time to leave.  And leave they did, together.  I’m now wondering if internet stranger was a ‘business associate’ of the whore, perhaps handling the finances and such.  Anyway they did leave but came back briefly later that evening with the other whore and the freeloader who got evicted at the first of the month.  They hung around late then all left.

This morning I heard the landlord milling around but didn’t see him.  I came out around 11:00 to go into town for some business and the place was all cleaned up and nary a beer can to found anywhere.  Maybe he was done with this binge.  I returned around 3:00 to find several empty cans of beer strewn about and an half empty bottle of whiskey on the table.  I could hear him in his room throwing up, hopefully into a bucket.  Just a few minutes ago the freeloader and his whore returned and they are all sitting outside drinking.

I’ve a feeling the worst may be over with and perhaps the landlord will start to sober up.  It has to be starting to become a heath issue now.  I don’t think he has eaten much all week but the occasional piece of chicken.  Just all booze.  For somebody who was so into working out and taking care of himself, he has thoroughly wrecked whatever good all the exercise and weightlifting has done for him.  I’m half afraid to come out and find him dead on the floor if he don’t straighten out soon.

It’s only been a week so I don’t know what shape his finances are in.  I don’t really care other than if he don’t make the lot rent and utilities, it affects me and the other tenant as well.  I caught him in a rare moment of consciousness yesterday and inquired if he wanted the rent.  He waved it off and apologized for the the week.  I still have the rent at the ready but he ain’t getting a cent until I see what is going on.

All I can do now is just stay out of the way, hide in my room and continue to try to add to my bank account.  I fully expect at any moment something might happen and I will have to leave.  That’s ok.  I’ll get by.  Hopefully things will calm back down and get back to some sort of normal.  If I don’t go anywhere else for the rest of the year I am planning on trying to make it up north to visit with family over the holidays.  If I do, I will not return to this situation and might possibly just head west after the new year.  No sense in flogging a deceased equine with this bullshit.  If things don’t straighten out, then I will try to go out west as soon as I can.  Unless some miraculous more better place comes available.  Highly unlikely.

I’ve been told these binges happen twice a year.  Assuming this one ends soon I will have a little time before the next one hits.  I have no intention of hanging around for it.  This has been a very long and stressful week.  I’m tired and fed up.  I really need to get out of this situation and soon before something really bad happens.

Sorry the posts have not been a bit more cheerier lately but there hasn’t been much to cheer about.  Like any other place, even Key West has it’s downsides and this is one of them.  If nothing else let this experience serve as a warning for anyone looking to come down here.  Be most careful in choosing where and how you want to live.  This situation I am in is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  And now I am stuck.  It’s my own doing and I will get out of it, hopefully soon.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “A Little Quieter…”

  1. odd that there’s not a manager of the ‘park’ living on property?
    is it a trailer and rv park?
    if there is one… i would think they’d surely have heard all the noise and mess going on.
    i would also think the neighbors would have reported him and his ‘guests’ by now.
    i’ll be so glad when you’re out of there.