Aug 092015

This morning was a flurry of activity around this dump.  The landlord, still drinking but not as heavily, busied himself with trying to return to the living.  The toilet got mostly fixed, at least it quit leaking on the floor.  The washing machine has been going non stop all day.  Somebody went to the store and brought back a cart full of groceries, and the cart along with it, which is parked out in front of the trailer.

I talked briefly to the landlord once this morning and he said he was going to call and try to get his old job back.  Don’t hold your breath.

Both the whores and the evicted friend stayed over night and have been helping him clean up a bit.  Internet stranger was nowhere to be seen.  Something tells me Monday will be the dawn of a new day and the landlord will be trying to get straight again, or he may continue to booze it up.  I don’t know, could go either way.

If there has been one positive out of all this, and it ain’t much, there hasn’t been any fights, arguments, nor even any shouting.  Usually after a few days of this much drinking, somebody usually starts something but so far it’s been pretty mellow. The only person who looked like he was going to start something was internet stranger.  Him and me took an immediately dislike of each other.

For my part, I’m just staying in my room and out of the way.  Coming out to use the bathroom and cook a dinner now and then.  Still haven’t paid any rent yet but tomorrow if the landlord shows some serious progress toward getting sober, I’ll try to talk to him.

In the meantime I am going to do whatever I can to get the hell out of this place.  No way will I put up with this again.  It’s going to be tough given the lack of funds, but I’ve found ways before.  One thing I am going to do is put up some digital assets for sale.  I’ve got several domains I own which are doing nothing for me at the moment.  Might as well see if I can’t move them.  Same with a couple of my apps.  I’ll be posting them all on here over the next day or so.

It’s been a long goddam week and I am not just tired now, I’m pissed off.  This bullshit has gone on long enough and it’s time to make some changes.  I may go from bad to worse but remaining the same is no longer an option.

Capt. Fritter

It would appear I spoke too soon.  One of the whores, the one who left with internet stranger and came back alone walked up to me as I was cooking dinner in the microwave, and very politely offered me a burger which they were getting ready to cook.  I just as politely turned it down and it then I noticed she had a black eye and the side of her face was red and swollen.  Looks like she took a pretty good pounding but whatever happened, far as I know, did not happen here.  I didn’t ask, she didn’t tell.

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  1. Steve, GET OUT!!