Aug 112015

Or at least what passes for normal at the moment.  This morning I finally paid for another week in paradise.  The landlord has pretty much sobered up, with just the occasional beer now and then, and the place is back to the way it was before all this bullshit went down.  There are still signs that some of the guests will be making appearances on and off but the all day all night parties appear to over with, at least during the weekdays.

The landlord told me yesterday he had a new job.  This morning he did not, but was fixin’ to go out onto the rock and seek employment. He admitted to still being a little shaky, can’t imagine why, but he appears to be a lot more coherent now.  If he starts to work out again, I’ll take it as a good sign he is ok until the next bout.

As for me, I paid the rent as I have no alternatives for now.  I did essentially get a free week for my troubles which allows me to bank a small amount and take care of one minor bill I needed to handle this month.  If nothing else changes, I’ll have to stay put but always with an eye out for something else.

A couple of months ago I was targeting next week as a possible window to fly out west but said window closed before this all went down.  Upside is airfares from Florida to Hawaii remain steady.  I know what I need, just have to get it together. is keeping me afloat at the moment.  It’s hard, boring work but I am covering the expenses.  I talked to someone about a possible web project last week, but after our conversation I realized it was going to be a lot more work for what I was going to charge.  Just not worth it.  I’ve all but given up on web and app projects for clients.  I’m finding the years I spent in retail have given me an intense dislike for dealing with customers and I’ve pretty much had enough.  If I can sell anything by way of third party like iTunes, the iBookstore, or Amazon, and limit any contact with the public, it will work for me.

For now, I just need to maintain and try to get ahead with some income.  It’s not going to be easy but then, it never is.  This past week was an eye opener and I really need to get back into control of what I am able to do.  I didn’t like the feeling I had of not having the ability to get out of a very bad situation.  I cannot allow it to happen again.  It won’t take much to get me going but it will take something.  At least I still have a place to work and rest my weary head at night.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. Glad your situation is more tolerable.

    I understand your dislike for dealing directly with customers.

    In my experience, there aren’t many fair and reasonable people left on this planet.