Aug 152015

I’m turning this whole thing into a tv soap opera.  I’ll make millions.

In what should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, the evicted friend with the alleged no trespass order showed up at the door step today, hat in hand, a flower in a vase for the whore, to beg forgiveness and declare his true love.  No doubt he had spent the last 2 days without anyplace to stay, no free food nor shelter, no warm cozy whore to keep him company, and decided he could sweet talk his way back in.

The whore, who must have had a head’s up for the visit, actually took a shower, first one I’ve known about, and gussied herself all up, even wearing pants.  Whilst the landlord stayed inside and out of the ways, the two lovebirds sat out in the yard and discussed whatever the hell it is they discuss.  I was on my way out to go get some shopping done and when I returned, evicted friend was gone.  The whore still here, and all was quiet again.  So I’m guessing flowers and bullshit didn’t do the trick.

If indeed there was a police order for evicted friend to not step on the property, and the whore and landlord allowed him to do so, would that render the order null and void?  Just curious.  Because I am sure we will see him again.

One of several things is going to happen:

Evicted friend returns again, they make up, and he moves back in to sponge some more.

Evicted friend returns again, possibly drunk, they don’t make up, there is a big fight, somebody winds up hurt, dead, or in jail.

Evicted friend returns again, they make up and leave.  Yeah, I know.  I laughed when I wrote it too.

Evicted friend finds another whore, moves on.  The whore who is here strings out her free stay until the landlord has enough of her bullshit and throws her out.

Whore decides she can’t live without evicted friend, ‘he’s really a nice person’, she says through the tears and the bruises.  Invites him back.  They never leave until the next fight.

The landlord is sort of stuck in the middle.  He has been trying to sober up.  And from what I gather, he and evicted friend have been actual friends for a while.  So throwing him out was probably not an easy thing to do.  Evicted friend has been taking advantage of the landlord, staying here for free and all, but the landlord, who evicted him before the binge, has been an easy mark since he started drinking.  Maybe he takes a stronger stand now that he is slowly sobering up.  We will see.  I just know evicted friend will be back.  And getting rid of him and the whore will be like trying to get rid of a stubborn wart.  You think it’s gone and a few days later it grows back.

From my point of view, I could give a Norwegian rat’s posterior about any of this.  They could all go out in the yard and kill each other.  As long as I don’t have to witness it nor clean up the mess, so what.  All they have done is make a reasonably nice place to live, unreasonable.  All I’m concerned about is keeping a roof over my head until something more better comes up, and being safe and secure.  Those simple things have been in doubt since all this started.  I want nothing to do with the drama, do not want to be involved, and will avoid any chance of conflict, unless something happens to me personally.  Then I will unleash hell.  But if they leave me alone, it will be ok.  And first chance I get to skedaddle, I will be skedaddling.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “As The Conch Turns…”

  1. You need to set up some web cams and start filming this mess haha

    I hope things settle down a little…well kind of. I’m enjoying reading about the mayhem 🙂

  2. well…
    so long as the second happening option doesn’t include your own death hurt or jail…
    have you thought that you might become addicted to all the ‘reality show’ drama going on?
    maybe if you move to a decent place you’ll miss it and find you’re too bored.
    don’t answer that.
    I like rich’s comment. LOL.