Aug 152015

This time, I am referring to the living situation.  Remember the other day when I said despite all the drinkin’, whores, and bullshit, no one had got violent?  Well you are gonna laugh when I tell you this one.  Seems the drama got a bit more dramady.

The landlord has yet to stop with the drinking.  He is up and with a beer in hand first thing in the morning and nonstop all day.  He hasn’t been quite as drunk as the week previous, but he hasn’t been sober neither.  Despite assurances he was going back to work, this time doing some day labor, he even bought a shiny new hard hat, he has only left the place in order to buy more beer.

As for the one whore, the one who showed up last week with internet stranger, she left, then returned with another stranger, along with a black eye and swollen cheek.  She and new stranger flopped on the couch in the living room with no indication of leaving.  On Wednesday, they were indicated to leave by the landlord, and did.  So far, they haven’t returned.

In the case of the other lovely couple, the friend who had been sponging off the landlord since I came here, eating, sleeping, trashing the bathroom, and his lovely companion, they had been evicted at the start of the month.  But as soon as the drinking binge began, they saw an opportunity and came back.  In the corner of the living room is a pile of their belongings, mainly some clothes and an old sleeping bag.  The evicted friend does work during the week, and always seems to go to said work, but returns late afternoon, trashes the bathroom, eats the food in the fridge, and commences with the drinking.  His whore, just stays here all day, drinking, making noise, and sleeping.

Ok, got all that?  This is how it has been this week.  Study the information carefully, there may be a test later.

Let’s move now to Thursday night.  The landlord, and evicted friend’s whore had been here all day drinking.  Everything seemed quiet enough.  The occasional bit of loud conversation and music, but all seemed ok.  I, having gotten everything done I needed to do, was ready to relax and do something I had not done in a long while…watch my Packers play on television for the first pre season game.  The place has a tv, with cable, and until now I hadn’t used it, but, I was ready for some football.

The game kicked off at 7:30.  Outside my window, where there is a table and chairs, the landlord, the evicted friend, and his whore, all were sitting and drinking.  They had music going very loudly from another part of the trailer.  I paid little attention to it as the the game was on and I was enjoying myself.  As things progressed I kept hearing the voices outside getting louder and louder.   In particular, the evicted friend and his whore.  I couldn’t make out what they were yelling about, mayhaps they were discussing the failed foreign policies of the government regarding the middle east, or perhaps the pros and cons of Fed’s current quantitative easing to help the economy recover.  Whatever it was, it got louder and louder, and I could hear the occasional “Kindly Go Fornicate Thyself”, and “Place Thy Moist Lips Upon My Well Endowed Bottom” being thrown back in forth.  (I’m paraphrasing here but you probably get the idea).  I paid no attention to it because when I’m watching the Packers, nothing else matters.  Anyways, the game went on and towards the end, things outside seemed to calm down although the music was still blaring away.  By midnight, all was quiet and I went to bed thinking no more of it.

Friday morning I got up early to go meet with someone regarding some website updates.  As I was walking out, I noticed on the coffee table in the living room, a police pamphlet entitled, “Victim Rights”.  It didn’t quite register with me, all I thought was, the whore had been in some domestic dispute elsewhere.  As I stepped outside, said whore and the landlord where sitting at the table having a six pack for breakfast.  That would be a six pack each.  I waved and took off down the street.  Later, when I returned the happy couple were back inside, passed out.  I saw the other tenant and went over to say hi.  He told me during the previous night, the evicted friend and his whore had indeed gotten into a heated discussion, subject unknown, but given the high class words I had heard, no doubt said discussion was of a subject of great importance.  At one point during said discussion, the evicted friend allegedly pushed and slapped the whore around.

Now, whore or not, such a thing is simply not done.  But, according to the other tenant, such a thing was done.  The landlord, having witnessed the abuse, at least had the wherewithal to call the police.  And an officer did show up.  Remember I was in my room happily enjoying the football game and had no idea any of this was going down.  Apparently, said officer got things calmed down, and the landlord had a no trespassing order signed against the evicted friend.  Meaning should he return to the property he will go to jail.  The whore, remained here.

So, as of now, it is the landlord, still drinking, the other tenant and myself as paying residents, and the whore, hiding here.  All day Friday, the landlord and whore had been pounding the beer away.  Finally they both passed out, the landlord in his room and the whore spread eagled out on the couch, because after all, she is a lady.  Where things go from here I can only guess but I am guessing it will be bad.

I suspect come Monday the landlord will try to go off and seek employment.  It would seem logical at this point but who knows.  He may binge some more.  The whore will no doubt string this out as long as she can because she has a free place to stay.  Best to my knowledge she has no other occupation which does not involve her being on her back or on her knees.  But hey, use the skills you got to the best of your abilities.  Far be it from me to judge.

My concern is with evicted friend.  He doesn’t work on the weekends, has no other place to stay which I have heard of, and I have no doubts will be boozing it up and plotting his return to seek revenge or forgiveness…then revenge.  At some point he is going to show back up, and when he does, the feces will strike the wind movement device.  I could give a rodent’s posterior what happens to him or the whore.  If they both wound up in jail, the more better.  Probably the best place for either of them.  As long as they ain’t here.  All I want is a quite place to live and sleep without the worry of violence, noise, or police coming back all the time.  But I suspect all three will worries will return.

This has been one of the more surreal couple of weeks I have had since coming to Key West, which is saying a lot.  Being stuck in this situation has not been fun to say the least.  I am at least, maintaining some semblance of income and if somehow I can make it into October, I may have a window of opportunity to get out of this place.  Where to?  I don’t know.  But I’m looking hard at any and all options, including going back to another boat.  I’m sitting tight for the moment and hoping things calm down here.  If there are going to be fights, police, and other disturbances, then safety becomes and issue.  At that point, I will have to leave no matter what my situation.

The whole thing sucks big time.  I’m stressed out enough without this bullshit but there is little I can do right yet.  I came to Key West to enjoy life.  This situation was not what I had in mind.  Something needs to change for the more better soon.

Capt. Fritter

The Pack won 22-11.  The Super Bowl is a lock.  Book it.  Done.  Go Pack Go!

  4 Responses to “Not So Over…”

  1. i would buy a packet of those clorox sanitary wipes and if i had to touch anything there… i’d use them.
    and i’d buy a collaspible folding chair if i ever had to sit in that living room. yuk.

    i simply cannot believe the ‘neighbors’ in the surrounding trailers are putting up with all that.
    unless they’re as bad… or worse. if the music is as loud as you say… and they’re hanging out and fighting now in the yard…
    wow. amazing the police haven’t been called before this! it’s all so sad really. especially the young landlord. what a waste.

    maybe a nice little private boat is still in your future. but then you’re back to fighting the rich people taking over the marina.
    i don’t see how you can win there really. but it’s your business … not mine. best of luck capt!

  2. You’re obviously an intelligent and highly motivated guy, but sometimes it’s just impossible to generate sufficient earnings for a comfortable lifestyle.

    It could be a long 15 months, but I suggest that you officially retire at 62 and use your social security benefits as an additional income source. We’re the same age and in similar economic situations, so this is something I’m also contemplating.

    • Intelligent? Some will argue that point. Actually, many will. Retire at 62 and collect SS? Precisely what I have in mind. More on that in a future post.
      C. F.

  3. I retired early because of malignant hypertension.
    everybody … the naysayers… and there are always so many of those…
    all said “OH NO! you shouldn’t!!! they DRASTICALLY REDUCE your benefits!!!”
    well. what’s the good of more money if you’re dead? and anyway… when you live simply it’s just fine.
    I retired early and I’ve never been so happy in my life.
    well. except when bob was still alive and well.
    you can always augment it like JG says. and at least it’s the peanut on the table.
    couldn’t resist.