Aug 162015

For those of you who have been following along with this current two week tale of love, drama, beer, and whores, it should come as absolutely no surprise to learn the whore and evicted friend are back together again.  Yup, apparently dead flowers and bullshit can conquer all.

As I mentioned yesterday, evicted friend returned with said flowers, hat in hand, all downtrodden and sorrowful, and laid a line of bullshit on his beloved whore.  The scene when I had left to go shopping had the two lovebirds discussing either the latest developments of the presidential campaign, or the Clinton email scandal…could have been either one.  When I returned a couple hours later, both parties were gone, the dead flowers sitting on the table.  The other tenant said he thought she had thrown evicted friend out and that was that.  I went back into my room to work on my computer, because sadly, that is how I spend a Saturday night in Key West these days.

Anyways, around midnight I went out to the kitchen to grab a drink of tea and almost tripped over a pair of feet laying on the floor on a thin mattress.  Sure enough, it was the whore and evicted friend, back again.  I never heard them return during the evening.  I had my earphones on whilst working, listening to RadioMargaritaville.  If you are into Buffett music, this is a pretty good site.  Free broadcasts of his music, last night was a live stream of his concert up in Boston, and some other music in between.  Pretty good station.

As for the whore and evicted friend, they are sitting outside at the table, very quiet for now, laughing now and then, and appear to have solved their political differences…until the next drunken binge begins.  And they are showing no signs of leaving.  None.  Unless the landlord does something, they will be here for the foreseeable future.

As for the whore, not that I had any respect for her to begin with, but she is letting herself open to some real trouble.  Evicted friend got physical with her.  He got away with getting physical with her.  And now he knows he can get away with getting physical with her and in the end, he can come back and keep all the benefits of being with her.  This means the next time they get drunk, which should be any minute now, and have a difference of opinion, there is nothing to stop him from getting violent with her again.

The whore, by taking him back, by offering forgiveness….and sexual favors, has shown she is willing to risk physical injury to be with this piece of shit.  Because she didn’t stand up to him, because she didn’t have his ass thrown in jail, she is going to get hurt.  And she has no one to blame but herself.  She will deserve every black eye and bruise he gives her.  It’s absolute stupidity on her part but then, when your life consists of drinking, fucking, and sponging off others, intelligence doesn’t really come into play here.

I’ve seen other wimmen (and the occasional man) who have been in abusive relationships.  They show up to work with unexplained black eyes, bruises, or worse.  You look at them and just shake your head.  They might talk about how bad things are but if you tell them to seek help, or break off the relationship, they will make up a whole list of excuses as to why they will stay with the abusive other.  “I love him/her.”, “They are really a good person, just going through a tough time.”, or they will blame themselves.  In the case of the whore, from what little bit of the conversation during the fight I heard, she was goading evicted friend and not shutting up when things got out of hand.  So both were to blame.  But to take a beating, and not get help.  To get abused and refuse to break off the relationship.  To make excuses for the black eyes and bruises, and then go back for more?  You deserve the hurt.  Get some fucking self esteem and move on.  You are better than this.  There can be no reason to stay and put up with an abusive partner.  Not money, not kids, not love.  None.  Get out before it’s too late.

I joke a lot about past relationships and trust me, I have been with some real ‘winners’ in my time, but I never got abusive.  I’m no fighter and when things deteriorated I ended said relationships quickly and moved on.  I never stuck around long enough for things to get physically abusive or mentally for that matter.  I have no time nor patience for that bullshit.  I had way too many conflicts with others growing up in that shit hole in Pa.  When I moved away, I decided I would not put up with it anymore.  And as for the whole ‘she is the one and only for me’ routine.  There are 3.5 billion other wimmens out there.  Why the hell should I stick around to put up with some bullshit from this one?

As for the whore and evicted friend.  They can go beat the shit out of each other day and night.  Fuck them.  They are meaningless to me.  But they need to leave.  Get the fuck out of this place and go find a love nest somewhere else to pound on each other.  They continue to sponge off the landlord and ruin what was a half decent and affordable living arrangement.  I cannot go yet.  I don’t have another place and little money to get there.  But I will walk if things get out of hand again.  I don’t need this drama.  I came to Key West to enjoy life, not to get caught up in this bullshit.

The only good which has come of this is this series of blog posts, which according to my traffic reports, you sadistic bastards are eating up.  Trust me, I’d rather be writing about sunsets and street festivals right now.  Too much drama with this shit.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. I’s rather be reading about sunsets and street festivals, too, but I appreciate you sharing what’s happening in your life whatever it is.