Aug 222015

This past week things seemed to have calmed down in regards to my living situation.  The landlord, still drinking but a lot less had found some temp work and was at least starting to return to normal.  Evicted friend and whore, (you need to be following this series over the past three weeks to know the characters by now), had returned and were pretty much staying in the living room.  Everyone would go do their thing during the day, and sit around outside and drink at night.  But, it was an improvement over what had been.  The other tenant had his usual schedule, working evenings, and I have been chugging along slowly making some minor headway on the income front.  But, the weekend was coming and I was dreading it…with good reason.

During the weekend nobody is working so it winds up being two days and three nights of drinking, loud music, and noise.  Last week was the fight between evicted friend and whore and there was every reason to believe it would happen again.  I pretty much just hide in my room, going out to the store on occasion, and while here, plugging in my ear phones and listening to something on the computer whilst I work.  And so it began last night, Friday night.

Around 4:00 pm landlord, evicted friend, and whore had all returned from their daily labors.  As soon as they walked in the door, the beer came out, the music went on, and everyone retired to the yard outside my door as usual.  I settled in for the long night and was busying myself making a few nickels on Amazon Turk.  Around about 10:00 the first disagreement occurred.  Evicted friend and whore got into another political discussion about the Clinton email scandal or the big stock marker drop that day.  I’m not sure, as I couldn’t hear all the details other than the “Fuck You’s” and “Go To Hell Asshole’s”.  Whatever the subject, it was pretty deep I’m sure.  Anyways, it sounded like evicted friend got up and left because the conversation became 2 sided with the landlord and whore.  But after an hour I heard evicted friend laugh so whatever it was, had been settled.  I figured that was that and the party would wind down.  I was wrong.

Around 11:30 or so, the other tenant came home from his job.  He went into the trailer, stopped in the kitchen, and proceeded to his room just past mine as usual.  A moment later the landlord came stomping through and pounded on tenant’s door.  What ensued surprised the shit out of me.  The landlord began to berate said tenant for not paying his rent.  According to what I heard, the tenant had not paid rent in nearly a month.  Said tenant did not deny owing but asked to be allowed to settle up later.  Not sure why he would not be paying unless he was protesting the drunken binge.  I skipped a week but it appeared to be ok with the landlord and far as I know we are on good standing for now.  The other thing which perplexes me is the tenant has a regular job, probably doesn’t pay much, and I think he gets some Social Security.  I never see him doing anything other than sit in his room and watch tv or work so I don’t know what he might be spending money on if he doesn’t have it.  And it’s none of my business but it does seem odd.

Anyways, the landlord continued with the berating, which surprised me because up to now, I had never seen him get angry.  Even when he was deep into the binge, he was pretty sedate.  Not this time.  He got very loud and threatening and told the tenant to settle up or get out.  And as is usual in the case of a drunk, when they are arguing, they can never stop and walk away.  They have to keep coming back, repeating what they said a minute ago, only louder, and walk away again…lather, rinse, repeat.

Finally, after about 20 minutes the two sides went to their separate corners and it got quiet again.  The landlord went back outside to drink again and I heard him laughing a couple times.  But then he would say something about the tenant, real loud, and at one time suggested he would drag said tenant out and slam him into a tree in the yard.  Mainly, it was just talk.  But it wasn’t over.

Around about 12:30 everyone shut down.  Evicted friend and whore passed out on the floor of the living room as usual while the landlord went into his room, but he didn’t go to sleep.  Instead he turned on the radio, real loud, but didn’t come out of his room.  After about 20 minutes of loud music he stomped out again, down the hallway to the other tenants room, and pounded on the door.  The tenant opened it, and the landlord, very loudly told him to get out.  He was evicted.  He had to be out by morning.  The tenant pleaded for a few extra days in order to find another place but the landlord just cussed and yelled and told him to get out.  The landlord then stomped back out to the living room for the next act.

There in the living room, the landlord woke up evicted friend and whore, demanding they give him rent money they owed him.  Apparently they were paying him to stay there and had fallen behind.  The landlord was seething by this time and threatened evicted friend with a beating if they didn’t pay up or get out immediately.  The whore, of course had to run her mouth which helped not at all.  Fortunately, evicted friend and whore had enough smarts to not push their luck.  Landlord may have been drunk, but he was still the same body builder and could put a hurting on someone if he wanted to.  They grabbed what they could and left.  The landlord shut off the radio and finally went to bed.  I stayed up until 4:30, mainly because I was making some good money online, but also in case the landlord came back out for more bullshit.  In between rants I snuck out and did a quick load of laundry so if I had to leave I would at least have clean clothes.  But by then, everything had settled down.

This morning I got up and went out to get a drink of morning tea and there was the landlord fixing a sandwich for breakfast.  He smiled, said hi, and acted like nothing had happened.  He proceeded to tell me about his new job which he starts on Monday but said nothing about the night’s events, nor did I ask.  It was like Friday night had never happened.

About 30 minutes later I heard what sounded like evicted friend and whore returning.  The conversation sounded calm and I even heard some laughter.  I stepped out to get another drink of tea and there was evicted friend and whore, sound asleep on the floor.  Landlord was in his room.  No word from the other tenant yet.  And that is where things stand at the moment.

Folks, things have gone from sedate, to irritating, to obnoxious, and now dangerous.  The weekend is just starting and I am dreading Saturday night.  I fully expect at anytime the landlord to lose it and start doing even more stupid shit.  I have no doubts if the tenant does indeed leave, evicted friend and whore will move into his room, meaning drunk parties and noise will be the norm around here.

I don’t know how, I don’t know where, but I have got to find something more better for living accommodations.  The situation is bullshit and I am tired of it.  I would go back onto another boat if I could afford it.  I can’t.  I would buzz up to Orlando and stay with a friend.  But that would only buy me a week.  I’d head out west, but like the boat, I can’t afford it.  My next rent is due on Tuesday and I am debating if I want to give him anymore money.  It would be easy to just walk out.  I have no lease and no security deposit.  Just pack my shit, leave the key, and go.  But to where?  I’ve lived pretty cheap in the Keys since I moved down here but it looks like those days are coming to an end.  And even if I did find another room at this price, chances are I would be running into the same issues.  Suffice it to say, I am very down right now.

When I moved to Key West and took the first apartment, I had to leave because it was getting torn down.  When I moved into the old marina, HWSNBN swooped in with his bullshit.  When I moved to the other marina, the rents went up and the rules became many.  Now I’m in a room in a trailer with a bunch of noisy drunks and the possibility of a physical harm.  I’m beginning to think this island doesn’t want me here.

It’s going to be a long, fucking weekend.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “A Turn For The Worse…”

  1. good darwin man.
    how long does it take you to look at a horse shoe???
    it’s not like you have no family and are destitute!
    i’d spend what little money i could get together… grab that backpack…
    get on a bus if i had to….
    go HOME and visit my loving family.
    fall back and re group … enjoy them.
    earn enough on my internet thing you have going…
    then before the cold weather sets in… head for maui or whatever island you’ve researched.
    you will have seen your family. which you wanted to do before you left the states anyway…
    and if your mom is like any other mom i know… she would jump at the chance to send you a bus ticket.
    you’re playing with fire capt. and the way you write about it here… you seem to know it too.
    and it’s pointless and silly.
    it’s only a matter of time til one of those drunken idiots takes a knife or a gun to one and all in a drunken rage.
    i don’t want to read about your sorry pirate’s patootie on the national nightly news.