Aug 232015

For all the bluster and bullshit of Friday night, nothing has changed.  The evicted tenant is still in his room.  If he is leaving he is showing no signs of it so far.  The landlord has calmed down and said nothing more to my knowledge.  When I saw him yesterday he said nothing about what happened.

Evicted friend and whore have all but moved in permanently.   They have taken over the living room area and Saturday afternoon, evicted friend brought home a television set, which he promptly set up in said living room.  As soon as it was hooked up it was turned on, at full volume, and then the two of them went outside to sit in the yard.  The station is turned to some music channel and while they did shut it off last night when they finally went to bed, it got turned on first thing this morning and ever since then the trailer has been shaking to the beat of the music.

I should also point out that the whore has only one tone in her very irritating voice…loud.  She has to talk loud, she talks all the fucking time, and cackles like a hen when she laughs.  As you can tell, it’s irritating the fuck out of me.

As it stands now we have 5 people sharing a 45 foot trailer and one bathroom.  I’m pretty much left alone but the constant noise, now the fucking tv blaring, plus the ever present drinking, and carrying on have worn me out.  I have to do something fast.

My rent is due on Tuesday.  I have not decided if I will pay for another week or not.  If I do not, I will probably have to leave the island.  There is a Greyhound which leaves around 6:00pm to points north every evening.  I could be in Orlando the next day.  I could grab a flight either from Miami or Orlando to Maui by the 1st of Sept. if I had the money for airfare.  I don’t…yet.

Nothing indicates things will improve if I stay, unless the landlord tells me these two scum bags are leaving.  I doubt they are.  And the longer they stay, the more they will take over this place.  They are ignorant, noisy, dirty, and uncaring about anyone else staying here.  If I stay much longer there will be a confrontation, I can feel it.

If there has been any good this past week it’s that I have had one of the most profitable weeks in recent memory.  It took a lot of work on my part but I did it and as long as I have the time to put in, a decent internet connection, and a quiet place to work, I can keep making more.  Once I start moving around, I can’t make nearly as much as the computer doesn’t run on battery anymore.  It’s the only reason I would chose to stay in this shithole in hopes in a few weeks or months I could actually have enough saved to get out.

Finding another room in Key West, aside from being nigh unpossible, will only present more of the same issues I am experiencing here.  It’s hard to find a quiet place on the land where there is no drama or bullshit.  The only real option, should I chose to stay, is go back onto another boat.  At least with a boat I know what my requirements are and can deal with the down sides.  So while I haven’t made a commitment one way or the other, I have been looking at the sailboat ads every day, looking for that one special bargain.  You never know what may pop up.  I know it sounds like a step backwards but desperate times and all that.  All options are on the table.

Again I apologize for this thread of bullshit posts.  But living in paradise is not all sunsets and six toed pussy cats.  There are a lot of downsides to island living, as I have mentioned in my…Blatant Plug Alertbook.  When you share a place with others, and this is why I prefer not too, you take chances on being with people who will not be the best people to live with.  When you share a place in a tourist area noted for it’s partying, drinking, and carousing, this is what you will get.  So let the buyer or renter beware.  Despite promises from landlords about quiet places with no drama, they are all liars.  They will take in whomever has the rent money and short of any actual felonies being committed, they will tolerate almost any kind of behavior.  For the tenant who doesn’t want to party all the time, enjoys the peace and quiet, it’s about impossible to find a nice quiet corner of the island to enjoy life, unless one has extreme amounts of money.  So while these posts may not be so islandy, let them serve as a caution to anyone thinking of coming down here to live.

Welcome to paradise.

I’ll let you know what happens this week.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “The Opposite Of Eviction…”

  1. I appreciate the updates even when they aren’t as good as we would like. Better than leaving us wondering if they killed you in a drunken rage.

    • They ain’t killed me yet.
      C. F.

      • Those domestic disputes can be hazardous to your health in many ways. I wish you could get out of there but I understand how stubborn you are. You’d rather worry your friends than accept help from them. Poor Tammy. Who will now be mad at me for mentioning her. Fortunately for me, she forgives easily.