Aug 252015

Against my more better judgement, although I’ve never really had any more better judgement, I have paid for another week in the home from hell.  I really had no choice.  Finances are improving but not nearly enough to make a change.  I ran through all sorts of scenarios involving me doing everything from a straight shot to the airport to spending a week in Orlando but in the end, I am just as well to sit tight and ride out the storm.

Things have seemed to settled for now.  The landlord, although still drinking a little begins a new regular job this week and hopefully it will quiet him down for while.  Evicted friend and whore have moved into the living room.  They go to work all day so it’s nice and quiet until they return.  As soon as they are back the noise starts.  Loud talking, music, stomping around the house.  The other tenant who was told to leave last week made up with the landlord and all is at peace from his end.  He did tell me it was the first time he saw the landlord get mean like that.  He will leave as soon as he can find another place.

For me, I am just going to bide my time.  I’ll stay out of the way as much as possible and keep to myself, which I do anyways.  Pay the rent as usual and continue to look for something else.  As long as nobody starts no shit, there will be no shit.

Ideally, I can last through October.  I have a small window of opportunity then to maybe high tail it for the Pacific.  October itself will be busy with Nikki coming into town and all the other goings on.  I’m sorta setting early November as a timeline and hopefully nothing gets in the way.  Should that not work out, then I will go north for the holidays and then head out at the first of the year.

I’ve been running a few feelers out in the Maui area for someplace to stay.  Maybe trade out some webwork for a room.  I’ve already gotten a response which, although a bit pricey, sounds like a nice place.  But all in due time.  I can afford to be a little choosy for now.

I don’t relish the idea of leaving Key West after working so hard to get here.  It’s been 4 years living here and it does feel like home.  But I do have a wanderlust and Hawaii has been on my radar for years.  I may get out there and hate it.  I may get out there and never return.  I need to get out there to find out one way or the other.  Don’t need to pass up the chance to go and add another ‘what if’ to the list.

As for this place, I will get by.  If the feces strikes the wind movement device, I will leave and make do until I can get to where I want.  I’m tired of the fight and just want my life back.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Live For Another Week…”

  1. i know how you love key west.
    but sadly…
    it’s not the key west you truly know or knew and loved.
    change seems to be coming fast now. and once that starts… there’s no stopping.
    maybe better to leave while there are still remnants of the REAL key west in your heart?
    sounds like a good plan you have.
    maybe the landlord’s odd behavior is cyclical. and now you’re in a good cycle again. we shall hold out hope!

    • It’s definitely not the Key West I knew. People on social media are cheering the fact that Taco Bell reopened on the island. Given all the good places to eat, and there are many, one needs to just take the time and look, it’s a sad commentary when a chain restaurant serving lousy food is looked upon favorably by the locals. Damn shame. They’ve all been corporationized. They can only think in terms of the hive.
      Yeah, it’s cyclical it appears. Really would prefer the evicted friend and whore were not here but nothing I can do to stop it. Just have to bear and grin it until I can make a change. It’ll come soon enough. Well, not soon enough, but soon enough.
      C. F.