Sep 022015

It got quiet.

I haven’t been posting much about the drama with the living situation lately what with all the kerfuffle about the hurricane that never was and the new poison factory opening on North Roosevelt, but there was drama aplenty.  Let me get you up to date.

I was dreading the weekend again because it’s when most of the bullshit goes down around here.  During the week, evicted friend and whore go off to work and the landlord, still drinking, has also been going off to some job now and then.  So it’s pretty peaceful until around 3:00 in the afternoon when the whore returns.  Did I mention she never shuts the fuck up.  Her mouth goes all the time pausing only to smoke a cigarette or drink a beer.  Soon after, evicted friend returns and the party resumes.  Everyone sits outside my window in the yard, drinking, playing loud music, and talking about whatever the hell it is that involves their daily routine.

Come Friday it gets worse as no one has to get up and go to work on Saturday, and thus it began Friday last.  The island was still on storm watch but you wouldn’t know from this group.  I ignored them as I usually do, put my headphones on and ran some Margaritaville radio in the background whilst I worked on the computer.   I went back into my own little world for a while but then the landlord cranked up his music.  He has a mix tape of heavy metal and rock he plays when he used to work out.  Now I notice when he cranks up the tunes, he is in a bad mood.  I was proved right a short time later when he and evicted friend got into a shouting match.  I couldn’t quite make out the conversation, being it was slurred from the booze and every other word was ‘fuck’, but it definitely involved money.

Later I was able to determine evicted friend and whore had promised to find a place of their own by the end of the month, which was this past Monday.  Being they both had jobs and income, evicted friend assured the landlord they were saving money for a place.  It seems he wasn’t, or at least not enough.  From what I could digest, evicted friend and whore had found a place, at a reasonable price, but needed $1500 to move in, which they didn’t have.  So naturally they asked the landlord for a loan.  This was what pissed him off apparently and the two were shouting at each other for the better part of an hour, not being helped by the whore running her mouth.  Finally cooler heads prevailed and the landlord went into his room.  He continued to blast the trailer with his mix tape well into the early morning hours, coming out now and then for another beer and shouting at evicted friend and whore.

I probably should mention since Friday night, the landlord has been continuously drinking beer, one after another non stop, except when he passes out.

Saturday came and things calmed down.  There were a couple minor flare ups but most of the day it was evicted friend and whore sitting around making noise and tying up the washing machine and bathroom.  By now the threat of the storm had passed except for the rain moving in that night.  Everyone stayed pretty calm this time, probably because the beer was running low or they were just too drunk.  I stayed in my room as usual coming out only to get food or use the bathroom.   I refuse to even talk to the evicted friend and whore, ignoring them completely.  To their credit, and safety, they did the same.

Sunday was more of the usual, drinking, loud music, whore yakking, but no fights.  I was hoping to get some signs they might be packing up to leave but no such luck.  With my rent coming due on Tuesday, once again I was debating how long I could last on the street with what pittance I had in the bank.  I kept working and stayed in the room.

Monday morning and as usual, evicted friend and whore went to work.  The landlord didn’t, staying home and drinking beer all day.  Even now, as I write this late on Tuesday night, he is cracking open another.  Monday afternoon came and like a bus schedule, evicted friend and whore came home.  They grabbed their beers and cigarettes and parked their asses out in the yard but this time things were different.  Right around dark, the landlord cranked up the mix tape, opened another beer, and came out into the yard.  He then proceeded to yell and scream at evicted friend about not getting ready to leave.  It was the end of the month, and I’m not sure if he was stupid enough to lend them the money, but he was pissed.  The argument moved into the living room and things got heated.  The landlord dared evicted friend to take a punch at him, just itching for a fight.  Now, the landlord is short, squat, but very muscular from all the lifting.  He could put a hurting on a person, if he could catch him.  Evicted friend is thin but muscular, from the construction work I believe, but older.  He wasn’t about to take a swing but I’m sure he was tempted.  The landlord then started spewing racial epithets, evicted friend is black btw, and told him to get out.  During all this the whore is pleading with both sides to settle down but she wasn’t helping.  I was sitting in my room, hands on the phone, waiting to here the sounds of a scuffle to begin.  Had said scuffle begun, I was intent on having all three of their asses in jail.  But, evicted friend took the smarter route, walked out, got on his bike and rode off.  The whore managed to get the landlord calmed down and promised they would be out of the trailer by Tuesday.  My biggest worry at this point was what if evicted friend came back with some friends, or a weapon, and started something.  He didn’t.

Tuesday came, the whore got up, showed no signs of doing any moving and took off.  The landlord began drinking first thing and did not stop all day long.  Around about 4:00 the whore returned and lo and behold, began packing their shit.  I thought it was a ruse as she would pack, stop and yak, drink a beer, order a pizza, smoke a cigarette, but pack she did.  Around about 5:30 the landlord left.  Not sure where he went but he took off.  At 6:00, evicted friend returned with a vehicle, and yes my fellow fritters, they did indeed pack up their dog and pony show and leave.  Evicted friend came into the trailer once to say goodbye to the landlord, but he was still gone. Probably a good thing.  Finally, they got the last of their shit and left.  The place became amazingly quiet and all seemed right with the world again.  The landlord returned about 1/2 an hour later, went into his room, and continued drinking, but no mix tape playing.

And so, that is where I find myself at the moment.  The landlord at one end of the trailer, the other tenant at the other end, me in the middle.  Just us three as it was suppose to be in the first place.  I did pay the rent for another week and for now will see how it goes.  I am sure we will see more of evicted friend and whore but not all the time, at least until they get kicked out of wherever they are living now.  If they owe him money, chances are we will never see them again.  Small price to pay to be rid of them.  The only worry now is the landlord and his drinking.  I’m hoping he will stop or at least slow down now that the bullshit is over with.  The fact he has been getting violent lately has me a bit vexed.  He hasn’t gotten mad at me for anything because I pay the rent on time and haven’t complained about all the bullshit over the past month.  If and when he does find a reason to go off on me, that will be it.  I leave no matter what.

In the meantime, I can somewhat relax in the more peaceful setting and hope there are no more evicted friends nor whores coming around.  Maybe if the landlord gets to working regular he will sober up for now and we can all just live in peace.  I will continue to work on a plan to get out of this mess as soon as I can but it will take some time.  I’m breaking even or so income wise and just need to boost things a bit.  If I can have a few months I believe I can get while the getting is good.  As to whether I stay in Key West or head to the Pacific remains a toss up.  (Hawaii looks more and more doable if the air fares don’t increase).  It could go either way.  A boat deal could arise and catch my eye.  But at least for now, the worst of the bullshit is hopefully behind me, and I can look forward to a more better rest of the year.

This summer and past month really took it’s toll on me.  My diet is for shit.  I put on about 10 pounds.  I’ve lost any incentive I may have had to do anything else.  I’m tired and worn out.  I’ve got a short temper and I’ve been avoiding as much contact with humans as possible.  I miss KC and Charley terribly.  They were always there for support in ways only a cat can be.  I do not want to go through this bullshit again.  And I won’t.

Thanks for listening everyone and I appreciate the comments and follows on FB.  You must have been enjoying it.  August set a record for the most traffic ever on the Fritter.  And that’s not even counting the Russian porn sites.  What I went through here is not an uncommon thing on this rock.  It’s difficult or near impossible to find a good living situation which is affordable and don’t involve nut jobs for roommates.  Keep this series of posts for reference if you are thinking of coming here to live.  Let the tenant beware.  Stay away from long term commitments and bad leases.  Always be looking for other places to live so when things fall apart, and they will in some way, you can get out and move without too much trouble.  Travel light of course, and keep an open mind about where to stay be it land or on the water.  It’s not the best way to live sometimes but it’s better than being stuck in a bad situation and not being able to get out of it.

Better times are coming.  He said confidently.

Capt. Fritter

I should have taken the offer of $1500 and let them have my room.  I’d be sitting on a beach in Maui right now.

  4 Responses to “And Just Like That…”

  1. You mentioned gaining 10lbs… just a passing thought, I save $150 – 200 per month since I eliminated most junk food and meat from my diet.

    Of course, I also eliminated some pleasures, but being lean and saving cash is worth it to me. Everyone is different and what works for me might be a stupid idea for someone else.

    I hope the stress stays away, so you can better prepare for an enjoyable future. You’ve had enough bullshit for a long while!

    • $200 a month is about all I spend on food. Can’t afford meat. Prefer fresh produce but that’s getting unaffordable also. Got no pleasures to eliminate. About as lean as I can get living wise. It’ll all work out. Has before.
      C. F.

  2. I hope they are gone for good. I hope the landlord stops drinking and stays working. I hope the quiet lasts until YOU are ready to move on. I hope the last shreds of your sanity hang in there long enough to rebuild. Life can pretty much only go up from here, right?