Sep 032015

In what should come as a shock to nobody, the whore has returned twice since they moved out.  She came by briefly yesterday afternoon because she ‘forgot’ something.  Today she came back yet again around noon and since then she has been sitting in the yard with the radio going, right outside my window, drinking with the landlord and yakking it up.

There is no end to this.  As soon as she and evicted friend have a fight she will be at this doorstep with all her shit wanting to move back in.  It’s a given.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “They Never Leave…”

  1. Oh, no! I had such hopes!

    • She’s gone now but she’ll be back.
      C. F.

      • And now, around 4:30, both evicted friend and whore have returned. They are sitting outside boozing it up, yakking loud, playing music. Landlord has been drinking all day, apparently not working. I dread this weekend. It’s a holiday and I am afeared the three of them will be here all the time in constant party mode. This is getting bad, very bad.
        C. F.