Sep 082015

The weekend I was dreading never came to pass.  In fact, it was downright quiet and boring.  Nothing unusual happened and things seem to be back to normal.

The landlord went back to work as of last Friday, now working an evening shift.  Last Thursday he was still pounding down the beer pretty good but since Friday he hasn’t touched a single drop, as far as I can tell.  He cleaned up the place, and himself and has been working ever since.  No signs of the troubles from the past month.

Evicted friend and mouthy whore have not returned.  I thought for sure they would show up to start shit again but they are no where to be found.  The fact evicted friend is heavily in debt to the landlord may have something to do with it.  I also found out there was some drug use during the party last month.  Naive me saw no evidence of it but what do I know.  At least they are gone for now.

We are keeping the doors locked to the trailer at all times.  Should someone return and try to gain entry, they will be guilty of breaking and entering, and we can have the police take care of things.  I have no doubts they will come back.  They will have a fight, not pay their rent, or just decide to come and party.  Then the feces will become stirred up again.

As for the landlord I’m hoping he remains sober at least for the foreseeable future.  I am working towards getting out of this situation as soon as I can but at least for now, I can relax and think a bit more clearly about options.  The one upside is income has been fairly steady and slightly increasing.  As long as nothing happens the next few months to the end of the year should be ok.  Maybe in that time frame I can make a move.  On the other hand, should said landlord fall off the wagon again, I will leave, no matter what.  I’m not going through this bullshit again.

So for the near term, things look stable.  The rest of the year is going to be dedicated to banking what ever resources I can.  It’s a bit boring.  My days consist of pounding a computer all day with a break to walk to the store for some eats.  Not much else.  I have one project I was working on until all the bullshit happened in August.  Now that things have calmed down maybe I can get back to it.  October will liven up a bit when Nikki comes to visit.  I may have some things to work on when she is in town.  The big party at the end of October is coming soon.  Always a lot of fun.  Relatives are begging me to come visit up north over the holidays but it’s looking less and less likely.  As always, I keep a weather eye out for any opportunity, another boat, a deal on air fare, or something just for a change of pace.

As for physical things, the only real need is a new computer.  This old MacAir is holding it’s own but showing it’s age.  It’s running slower, and the battery is gone.  I’ll keep it going for as long as I can but a new one is going to be a necessity very soon.  The iPhone is doing more better with the new battery.  Hopefully it lasts until the 7 comes out next year.

So other than a shortage of cash, things look to have stabilized and maybe an upswing is in the future.  I hope so.  This was every bit as bad a year as I was expecting.    I never do well when I hit a decade.  61 looks a whole lot more better.  Time to start moving forward again.

Capt. Fritter