Sep 132015

Fall is right around the corner but of course, the only way you would know it around here is because football is on tv now.  We won’t see any break in the heat until next month or so.

I usually love summer the best but this year it sucked.  All I did was sit in this damn trailer, work on the computer, and put up with all the bovine droppings from the landlord and his drunk, noisy friends.  Things have settled a bit.  He works weekends but still drinks on his time off.  Evicted friend and mouthy whore show up about once a week to stir things up.  But at least there are some quiet periods.  The only other new amenity which has been added to the mix is a bed bug infestation on his end of the trailer.  He did a big sweep including spraying and all but it will be just a matter of time before the little bastards make their way into my room.  Not much I can do yet.  Just trying to get by every week until something happens so I can get out of this situation.

I’m looking forward to October.  Some things will be happening which will lift me up somewhat from abject poverty.  Once all of it clears I will have a small window of opportunity to maybe make some changes for the more better.  It won’t be much but hopefully I can improve the situation enough where I can relax, get out of this funk, and start living again.  As always, I keep a weather eye out for any possible option.  Boats are for sale all over the place, airfares to faraway lands have dropped significantly, so who knows what might happen.

The TBex conference is coming up at the end of October.  It’s a three day event pairing up bloggers with travel sites.  I was hoping to go but it’s not looking very likely.  Logistics and costs are not working out.  I still have time though.  It could be a last minute run up there just to see what is going on.  Be nice to be paid to write about the Keys, and other places.  Although I’m not too sure I would get along with an editor given my unique writing skills.  It’s the nice thing about being independent.  You can make up your own grammar rules and nobody can do a thing about it.

As for personal items I don’t need anything of significance other than the computer is in dire need of replacing.  It works, no battery, it’s slow, but it’s on it’s last legs.  I could upgrade in October but it would not help me get out of the living situation.  I need this old laptop to hang on for a while longer.

Speaking of computers, Apple came out with some new goodies this past week.  New iPhones, the iPad Pro, and new Apple TV.  I was a bit underwhelmed by everything this time around although there are some cool things coming out.  The new iPhones are of no interest to me for now.  I’m sticking with my 5S until the 7’s come out next year.  The iPad is pretty cool but a bit pricey compared to getting another laptop.  Mind you if all I did was write blogs and the occasional book, and didn’t fuss with coding, I would gladly go back to just an iPad.  Loved the damn things but I can’t do all I want on them.  If the laptop did die, I could pick up a cheaper model iPad to get me by until I could afford a new laptop.  For now, I’ll run as is until the laptop’s wheels fall off.

The only cool thing about the TV is now apps can be built for it.  Not that it helps me for now.  I haven’t done any coding all summer long.  It’s probably the most disheartening thing I’ve failed at over the past couple of years.  I put a lot of time and effort into learning to build apps on Xcode and have not made any real money at it in a long time.  I mistakenly thought businesses would jump at the chance to have their own apps but it has not been the case.  And with each new version of iOS coming out, and new devices being added, I keep falling behind with the updates because I can’t devote enough time to learning and keeping up with the changes.  Oh well, if there is an upside, at least I didn’t go into debt with student loans to learn this stuff.  One of the perks of teaching yourself.  It costs a whole lot more less.

So for now, things will remain as is.  I’m going to stop writing about the living situation soap opera unless something significant happens.  I’m tired of it as I am sure all of you are tired of reading about it.  Fall is coming to Key West and feces are occurring.

Coming this week is the ever popular Key West Poker Run.  Always a long time favorite of mine, it’s not near as big as in the past but we will still get a few thousand murdercycles in town.  Saturday is the big day and Duval will be packed.  Then of course in October is the big party.   If you have never been, you need to go.  Nothing says Key West like this gathering.  Bring a camera and leave your morals at home.  From there we get into the holiday season which is still way to early to talk about.

So, all I need to do is get through the rest of September, and hopefully, things will start to go a bit more better.  It’s been a crappy year and I am ready to move on from all the troubles.  The quality of life lately has not been what I would prefer and it’s high time to make some changes.  I want to be living in Key West, not existing.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. My Dave has a 2008 15″ MacBook Pro with a dead battery sitting in a closet. He says you can have it “as is” if you want it. It would still need to be plugged in but he says at least it is not dying. If you want it, send me a shipping address.

    • Appreciate the offer but other than the battery and lack of memory, my Macair is doing what I need it to do. Check the next post for some options on what to do with your old Mac.

      C. F.