Sep 242015

You can tell when it’s quiet around this rock when I don’t post anything for more than a couple of days.  With the bikers gone there won’t be too much happening until the big party in late October.  You can tell it’s already taking hold.  All the storefronts which are normally empty all year get taken over by costume shops who I am sure travel the circuit following other similar events around the country.  It is a good time though and if you can find a place to stay it’s well worth it.  The week is bawdy, racy, risqué, and always pisses off the bible thumpers, which is a good thing.  Overall it’s pretty laid back and harmless, no real crime other than the usual drunks and such, and everyone involved lets loose for a week.  The island and the city know how to organize and handle everything quite well.  So grab your thong and beads, and c’mon down for a real party.

Elsewhere, I have been laying pretty low.  As usual, September is a tight month with finances so I have been glued to the computatator trying to keep up.  Once I get into October things will level out and I can constipate on other things through the rest of the year.

In the long run, I’m probably going to stay put in Key West through the next year.  Hawaii is juuuusssst out of reach, mainly due to finances.  Airfares are remarkably low but I need sufficient funds to survive on once I get there.  Right now, I am going to be in more better shape to remain here, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and bide my time.  At the end of next year, certain resources will become available to me, allowing me to finally move about the country at will.  When it happens I can do as planned and spend part of the year out there in the middle of the Pacific with the tsunamis and volcanoes, and the other half here with the hurricanes and Miami tourists.

But, as always, I keep a weather eye out for any opportunity.  I have some ads running in Maui looking to trade out some of my super powers for some shelter.  Should someone come up with the right situation, my ass is on a jet plane heading west.  If not, I stay put.  I’m good either way.

As for the current living situation, things have improved dramatically.  The landlord is working full time now and there are even a few occasions where I have the place to myself, reminding said self how much I prefer to live alone.  But, overall now, the place is back to normal with only occasional visits from evicted friend and mouthy whore.  He does have a girlfriend stop by about once a week.  She must be really religious because she only stays for about an hour, and then screams for ‘GOD AND THE LORD JEBUS’ at the top of her lungs for a couple of minutes, then leaves.  Not totally sure of the denomination.  How long it will stay like this remains to be seen.  As always I keep looking for another place but the housing situation on this rock is a joke.  Rents just keep seeming to go up and what is out there is not much more better than what I have.  But I keep looking.

Speaking of affordable housing, and you may want to sit down for this.  Those wonderful folks at wally mart are backing down from their promise to build some affordable housing units for their future hive of worker bees.  Yeah, I’m just as shocked as everyone else.  Who would have thought one of the largest and most conniving, lying retail operation on the planet would break a promise?  The county who rubber-stamped this project is all up in arms now.  But they should have listened to the Fritter.  This kerfuffle over housing is just the beginning.  But the time this shithole does get built virtually nothing the county and the corporate warlords agreed upon will be the same, other than there will be another big box shopping center where it’s neither needed nor wanted.  These bastards will stop at nothing to get what they want.  They will say whatever you want to hear in order to get what they desire and when they do, and they will, they can then do whatever the hell they want.  Sorta like all those idiots running for president right now.  The county will bitch, moan, whine, and snivel, but in the end, the battle will be lost.  The project will get built and the Keys will get screwed.

Speaking of lying, sneaky bastards, HWSNBN is now in the building phase of revamping the old marina.  The big boathouse is gone and shiny new army barracks….er um…’luxury condos’ are going up in it’s place.  I haven’t spoken to anyone out there in a long time but lately, whilst perusing the boat ads on Craigslist, yes I know, old habits die hard, I spotted at least two sailboats which were docked not far from where I was, both for sale.  I also noticed a dock up for rent.  I’m guessing things are getting rough for the live aboards out there, especially those on a budget.  No doubt the powers that be are pushing the dock owners to get rid of the riff and raff so they can bring in the high rollers.  Money definitely rules this island.

Speaking of boats, yes, I still look.  Probably always will.  It’s fun to just look sometimes and there are some good deals floating around out there.  I seriously doubt I will buy anything, not that I can afford it anyways, but I will continue to look.  I do miss boat living sometimes but if I do go back on board it would change up my future plans considerably.  First thing I would do if I did get another vessel is add in a furry crew member or two.  If that happened I could forget any chance of traveling out to the Pacific.  But, I still look.  Never know what might turn up at the right time.

So for the moment, I will continue to chill and computertate until things start happening again.  One more year and a few months, then everything should fall into place.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Just Chillin’…”

  1. thanks for the update!
    i was wondering how things are going.
    they may take your dock your boat your furries your livelihood your beloved keys…
    they will never take your wit and sense of humor.

  2. I relate to your boat ad watching. I don’t expect to ever own another conversion van but I keep bookmarking sites that offer things I’d like to have in my next one.