Nov 062015

After the madness of last week, a few stragglers and some new faces came onto the rock for a different party.  It was the annual Meeting Of The Minds once again.  A yearly celebration of all things Jimmy Buffett.  There was drinkin’, and crazy costumes, and drinkin’, and music, and drinkin’, and parties…..and drinkin’.  Did I mention drinkin’?

Most of the events took place at the Casa Marina resort on the southside of the island but Friday the city closed down Duval in front of the Margaritaville restaurant, set up a stage and let the madness begin.  The big guy himself played a concert Thursday night at the Casa and showed up for the party on Duval…right after I left.  It’s all in good fun of course.  Lot’s of silliness with the bawdiness of the previous week.

It’s impossible to understate the influence this man has had on the island.  His music has long been associated with Key West and it’s guaranteed if one walks down Duval or along the harbor one will hear some musician plunking out a few of his tunes…usually pretty badly.  He still maintains a studio down here and does the occasional concert.  Not to mention he has made a butt load of money with the marketing of his music and lifestyle.  Many a wannabe pirate lives vicariously through his music.

Thanks Jimmy, as always for all you have done for Key West.  We do appreciate it.  Here are a few images from Duval:











That’s our other favorite son down here, Howard Livingston of the MM 24 Band. Great entertainer and musician.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “A Slightly Different Crowd…”

  1. cool.
    and i like the looks of howard. grinning for your camera from above cvs there.
    but duval? a little claustrophobic for me.
    although after a few margaritas… and a long balloon on my head… i’d probably hardly notice.

    • It’s not really. This part has some tall buildings but most of it is small buildings. One of these days I’ll do a photo tour from the Atlantic to the Gulf and show what it looks like.
      C. F.