Nov 182015

If you are wondering why there hasn’t been much postings this week it’s because I am still a bit under the weather.  The cold has pretty much run it’s course and last Monday I was finally feeling pretty good.  Then around 5:00 as I was cooking up some supper I felt something coming on, and it came on fast.  Within an hour I was breaking out in a cold, dripping sweat and I was dizzy as all hell.  I could barely stand up and headed to the bathroom thinking a face to face with the porcelain gods was in order.  But nothing happened and I almost passed out in there.  Not wanting to pull an Elvis, I managed to get back to bed where I have been almost all week.

Tuesday I had to go to the bank and the store and in my weakened condition don’t think it wasn’t a fun trip.  I did manage to make it back but damn, it was rough.

I’m not quite sure what it is I got.  I thought perhaps a touch of food poisoning as I had some leftover salad for lunch earlier on Monday.  But it may be a bug which has been running around.  A friend of mine had a touch very similar.  Even a relative out in Colorado had the same thing.  Whatever it is, it needs to go away.

Anyways, as I write this I’m feeling slightly more better.  Still a little dizzy when I stand up too fast, very weak, only now do I have a semblance of an appetite.  For the last three days I’ve been living on toast with peanut butter and ginger ale.  Settles the stomach.

So, bear with me as this runs it’s course.  I’ll be back up and running soon.

And no.  I will not go see a fucking doctor.  I have no money.  I have no insurance.  And I ain’t going near a free clinic.

I’ll be fine.

Capt. Fritter

  6 Responses to “Still Alive, I Think…”

  1. So, rather than go get it checked out your tombstone will say, “I’ll be fine.” You are one stubborn old goat and if you die from malnutrition before you recover I’m never going to forgive you!

    • Stubborn people live longer, just to spite everyone. And I got a long way to go before my fat ass dies from malnutrition.

      C. F.

  2. Hope you return to full power soon. You need your strength to handle all the bullshit!

    Nothing like feeling well…


  3. i judge whether you’re going to pull through or not by your resident sense of humour.
    if it ever leaves you… i’ll start proceedings for body disposal.
    want to go the way of all your ex’es?
    you keep saying it’s a clean way to get rid of people.
    no kidding.
    take care of you.
    just hibernate. we’ll all be here when you’re well. ♥

  4. wow.
    i may have to watch that from the beginning. thanks.
    and yes.
    maybe too showy for a pirate captain.
    especially one who’s a minimalist.