Dec 012015

After a long holiday weekend in which I did not make enough money, I got to spend 2 more days sitting in a stuffy courtroom awaiting the dreaded jury duty.  I won’t get into details of the case, nor anything such, but it was a long, boring ordeal which I do not care to suffer through again.

I’m still suffering the effects of this whatever the hell it is I got so I’ve spent the last two days living on cough drops so I don’t disturb the proceedings.  Coupled with the fatigue it made for two very long days.  Too make matters worse, as I was sitting at the bus stop on Monday, a tiny piece of dirt flew up and hit me directly in the eye.  I’m alright but my eye is itchy as hell and waters up.  Darwin keeps throwing them and I keep hitting them back.

The upside is I was dismissed at the end of the second day.  Had I been picked I was looking at spending most of December in said courtroom listening to lawyers pad their hours.

As it is, I am way behind on everything.  Finances which were already in ruin are now in more ruin.  It’s going to take me a few days to sort out where I stand and if I still have a place to live.  All the while dealing with the nagging cough and scratchy eye.  Yup, lots to be thankful for this holiday season.  Be back in a day or two.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “2 Days I’ll Never Get Back…”

  1. i will loyally and hopefully keep coming by here to see if anything good will ever happen to you!
    maybe there’s a bright side. maybe you gave some of your germs to those high paid lawyers.
    my apologies to any esteemed lawyers who read the fritter.

  2. I’ve never been called for jury duty but think I can get out of it if I am called. For me, stress causes diarrhea and the medicine I take for that causes naps. I wouldn’t want me on my jury.