Dec 062015

It’s going on 3 weeks now with this whatever the hell it is which has me down.  I start feeling more better and then it comes on again.  I’ve been living on cough drops which do help but I’m still very fatigued all the time.  Sitting in this room ain’t helping much but I barely have the energy to go anywhere.  As I write this on Saturday afternoon I do feel a little more better but will it last?  Who knows?  Just have to ride it out.

I’ve had similar bouts of the same thing in the past.  Once about 20 years ago I came down with something, I think it might have been mononucleosis, which knocked me on my ass for three months.  This has felt very similar although I haven’t been in contact with any other humans more than normal.  Maybe I picked it up at the store with all the strangers in town.  At any rate, I apologize for not doing much posting on the Fritter but it’s been difficult to constipate on much of anything lately.

From what I can see I haven’t been missing much.  The holiday season is in full swing here at the end of the world.  Everything is decorated and the stores are packed with people looking for who knows what.  I could care less.  I have no holiday spirit this year, not that I have much for any year but especially not this year.  It’s been a long one with a lot of unhappy moments and I would just as soon get through the rest of the month and move on to 2016. It’s a lousy way to look at things but it’s the way I feel right now.  I’ve been grouchy, unfriendly, well, more than normal, and I have no patience for the crowds, their obnoxious kids, nor anything else festive.  If I were to envision the jolly old fat guy right now it would probably look something like this:

pirate santa

So, I tend to stay home, try to make some money, and get ready for the new year.

I am so glad I didn’t get picked for the jury last week.  I cannot imagine spending most of the month sitting in a courtroom.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment and give a shout out to the judge, the lawyers, the clerks and especially the bailiff who were running things.  They were the utmost in professionalism and did their very best to make the whole process as easy and comfortable for everyone.  The bailiff in particular, a Monroe County Sheriff Deputy, was particularly good.  He didn’t make anyone feel intimidated, helped us all along the way, and was the epitome of patience and professionalism, no easy task when dealing with 70 people who did not want to be there.  Big props to the Deputy for a job well done.  Still, glad I wasn’t called.

Elsewhere around here, the lighted boat parade is coming up next weekend.  It’s a great time over at the harbor with many a boat all decked out and on display.  I’m hoping I’m feeling up to going but sitting on a cold dock by the water may not be the best thing for me yet.  See how the week goes.

And on New Year’s eve at noon on Fleming Street is one of my big favorites, the Weiner Dog Parade.   This is a hoot if you’ve never been.  See some of the canines on the island all decked out in their holiday best on a stroll down the street.  A must see if you are here.

As for New Years, there is the usual mob at Sloppy Joes, where they drop the big conch shell.  Or try the Schooner Wharf where they drop a pirate wench.  Unless you are feeling a little more frisky, then try the Bourbon St. Pub where they drop a drag queen in a big red glitter shoe.  Only in Key West.

Lots of stuff coming up to close out the year.  If you are in town, partake of some of it.  Leave the morals at home and bring a camera.  As for me, hopefully I will be feeling up to getting out and about.  And maybe I’ll can get back to posting some more.  Be safe everyone.

Capt. Fritter

Going to go watch “A Xmas Carol”, and the “Grinch”,…in reverse.  So they have a happy ending.

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  1. The bug that’s going around this year is a long-lasting one. Hope you recover soon and have some fun times over the holidays. Me? I’m hibernating.