Dec 292015

There were many a times back when I lived up north, and up north means anywheres north of Latitude 25, when I watched the local weather with all it’s cold, rain, snow, and dreariness descend upon me with no hope of escape.  Winter was coming and I was stuck in it.  Then the weather bunny would show a screen shot of the entire country with almost all of it encased in blue and purple for the cold parts.   But down on the right hand corner of said screen shot the colors would change to green, yellow, then orange, then sometimes in a very small spot, red.  Said weather bunny would then utter those amazing words, “And the warmest spot in the continental United States is…Key West, Florida.”  I would look longingly at the screen and sigh.  “Someday.” I thought.

Well, someday is here and now.

warmest warmest

Whilst family and friends up north are going through chronic depression brought on by endless days of gray skies and cold rain, while the poor peanut is being buffeted by tornadoes, ice storms, and freezes, while other family in Colorado watches even more snow fall from the sky, we here in Key West have been enjoying some of the best December weather I have ever seen in my 38 years of living in Florida.

Seriously, it’s unbelievable how nice it’s been around here.  Every day it’s bright blue skies with lots of sunshine, temps in the low 80’s, occasional rain, a bit of a nice breeze, and high 70’s at night.  We have had one minor cold front which came through a couple weeks ago and dropped the temps down enough where one could turn off the ac for a little while and open a window.  Another is due this coming weekend but over all, it’s the kind of weather the chamber of commerce lives for.

It’s no wonder the island is packed with people right now.  The weather, the new year holiday, and low gas prices have everyone in town.  And not just from other areas of the U.S.  People from all over the world are congregating here.  The good weather is to last through the new year with another minor cold front due in early next week.

I can tolerate the crowds as long as the weather stays like this.  It’s one of, if not the main reason I moved south.  My wardrobe consists of shorts and fishing shirts.  Not even a coat.  Although, I did have to add a pair of dockers for my recent jury duty excursion, but it’s ok.  Knowing one can get up in the morning and not have to worry about dressing in extra clothing to combat the cold is so nice.  Being able to go outside and do stuff without any concern about the weather takes so much stress out of winter.  Screw the change of seasons and all that bullshit.  Endless summer is so worth it right now.

This may well be a portent of climate change and warming of the planet.  We could well wind up with even hotter temps, and eventually, the island gets swallowed up by the ocean.  But for now, it’s exactly what I dreamed about so many long and cold years ago.  Warm, tropical weather all year round.  And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Capt. Fritter


  2 Responses to “Warmest In The Land…”

  1. Color me green We decided to not even go out for our traditional anniversary dinner tonight–too cold and snowy.

  2. happy new year capt!
    hold the line and keep us on our toes in 2016