Jan 012016

Banner…from the Latin meaning – shitty.  Good riddance to 2015.  As years go it was not a good one for the Captain.  I lost a lot this year which is amazing considering how little I had to start with.  The boat is gone, my two best friends are gone, finances are in disarray, and I’m stuck in a very bad living situation with no immediate chance of getting out of it.  On the upside however, this here humble blog set new records for visitors, hits, and hacker attacks.  You russian porn sites must really be hard up for new material.  I must be doing something right.

Yet, I made it through despite all the bullshit and 2016 is looking vaguely promising.  It’s going to start out rough and remain so through most of the spring and summer.  If I can just hang on though, things are looking more better next fall.  Should my evil, cunning plans fall into place, by the end of next year, life will take a dramatic turn up.  At least it would seem so.  Still, you never know.  Someone or something could always appear and screw things up.  But I will remain optimistic for now.

How about you Fritter fans out there?  Is your arrow pointing up or down going into the new year?  It’s going to be interesting.  The elections will be at the forefront of course.  Who knows what will happen?  All I know is we have a banner slate of ‘candidates’.  Not that it matters.  They are not the true leaders anyways.  Whomever or whatever gets elected, nothing will change.  We will still be in perpetual crisis and at war with brown people.  It’s the ‘murican way.  Give your own situation priority.  Nobody else will, especially the government.

If I were to give any advice, and we all know I’m just full of it…advice that is, it would be this:

Are you happy with your current life?  If not, why not?  What is not working out?  Your job, your lifestyle, your finances?  If not, then stop whatever you are doing, sit back and take stock of where you are in your life.  Don’t dwell on the past, it can’t be changed.  Constipate on the future.  What do you want to do, and what do you need to do to accomplish it?  For some people, making changes is very difficult.  They are held back by debt, obligations to family, or loyalty to an uncaring corporation upon which they have become dependent for survival.  Corporations, like governments, do not care if you live or die, as long as you make them more money.  Your loyalty is worthless to them.  Be loyal to yourself and fuck the corporations.  They will do nothing for you.  For others, making some changes for the more better is pretty simple.  They just lack the courage or incentive to make said changes.

It does take a lot to make wholesale changes in one’s life.  You may be in a comfort zone you are unwilling to give up because of fear of the unknown.  Giving up a home so you can travel.  Giving up the vehicle which you rely on so much to get around.  And giving up some job which you think will provide you with economic security for the rest of your working life.  (It won’t.)  But look at what you may want to do.  Travel, explore, take chances, see and do new things.  Break out of the worker bee hive away from all things corporate and actually see the world and all it’s wonders.

Scary?  Sure, it can be.  What if you fail?  Well, take it from someone who has a PHD in failure.   You will fail, a lot.  But so what.  It has been worth it.  Every bit.  Yeah, this past year hurt.  I lost things I was not ready to lose.  I let myself get into situations which I should have known better, but I learned to cope and it has made me stronger.

Well, no matter.  What’s done is done and I have a clear idea of what is ahead.  And it looks pretty damn good.

So are you willing to take a chance this year?  Make some changes?  Get off your ass and start living a proper life?  Or are you just going to put on the blue vest, or trudge off to the corporate cubicle commune, obey the warlords, do your duty, pay the bills, and work until you die.  The decision is up to you.  Me?  I’ll keep taking chances, push the envelope, and see what new adventures await over the horizon.

As always, I hope everyone has a good 2016.  Thanks for all support over the past, I’ll keep banging away on the Fritter.  And to help keep things in perspective, I’ll leave you with my favorite video of all time.  It changed the way I think about things, and hopefully it will for you too.  Enjoy:

Capt. Fritter

I wish you all…enough.

  2 Responses to “Another Banner Year…”

  1. We’re on the same time schedule.

    Finances will improve next fall.

    Best wishes for a better new year!

  2. Enough. Absolutely the best wish ever! Life has been much better since we got rid of too much.