Jan 062016

The biggest cold front of this winter came through the islands a couple of days ago.  While we didn’t get much rain, the temps dropped from the record setting 80’s to the mid 60’s at night and low 70’s during the day.  The humidity almost vanished, it never really goes away, and many an ac unit got some rest.  Although, I did hear someone at the store saying they never turn their’s off because the background noise keeps the noise of the real world out.  Whatever, I guess.

Many residents could be seen running around wearing long pants, sweaters, and in some cases winter coats.  Not sure if it was over reaction to the change in temps or they were simply trying to justify wearing said cold weather clothing because they didn’t have the common sense to leave the shit up north.  Others were reveling in the cooler weather as they have not acclimated to the heat yet.  As for me, nothing changed other than I had to throw a sheet on at night when I went to bed.  It would be more better if I could have added a couple of cats to keep warm, but not this year.  I did walk over to the store yesterday and still managed to break a sweat by the time I got home.  If this is as cold as it gets I can live with it.  Nothing like what I used to put up with in the cold dark days living back north.

Still, there is something depressing about this time of the year.  Might just be from years of living in said north and looking at months of bleak, depressing, cold, endless gray days of crap weather.  Whatever it is, I am not particularly fond of the season.  January through March just never seems to inspire me.  There are some major bills coming up which always set me back no matter how much I plan ahead for them.  The island itself doesn’t have a whole lot going on, just some minor festivals and such.  Snowbirds are everywhere clogging up the stores and streets.

Income as always is tough to come by.  I’ve been kicking around maybe finding some web or app business but while it does solve an immediate need, in the long term it’s not too profitable.  And I don’t look forward to dealing with people again.  On the other hand, if I could nail a few good paying projects I might be able to replace the computer and maybe even find someplace else to live.

The living situation at the trailer remains static if nothing else.  The landlord has been staying sober, working, and none of the free loaders have been coming around.  I still have to battle the bed bugs at night and it does get noisy on occasion but it’s been livable.  I desperately would like to find another place but finances and a lack of options may mean I will be stuck here through the year.

One upside, the plague which I have been suffering from since early November seems to have finally run it’s course.  The nagging cough is almost gone, and all the other symptoms have vanished.  It was extremely rough and I do not want to go through it again.  Now I need to try to get back into more better shape.  Weeks on end of lying in bed have taken their toll.  20lbs of holiday cookies, candies, and Middleswarth didn’t help either.  I need to get out and move around in the fresh air some more and get my walking legs back.  But at least I feel almost human again.

On another note, a Fritter fan has taken my advice and moved to Key West from the great gray north.  I won’t identify said fan until said fan says it’s ok, but so far, so good.  Said fan found a place to live, has a means to make some income which allowed such a move, and is learning the lay of the island.  Said fan is finding out all the little things, like how difficult it is to find one’s way around the puzzle of streets in Key West, why a vehicle is not necessary, and why the hell isn’t there any water pressure.  I’m going to try to talk said fan into maybe writing me up a guest post for the blog with initial thoughts and impressions of moving here.  And by the way, if any other of you are constipating making a similar move, feel free to contact me for any help as long as it don’t involve anything financial, illegal, or lifting heavy shit.  But if you have a question on things like neighborhoods, best places to buy stuff, or where the best hookers hang out, I’ll be glad to offer my assistance.

So, off we go into the new year.  As I said, this one is going to start off rough and remain so until the later months.  If I can skim by until then things promise to turn to the upside, then the real fun begins.  As always, I’ll be here on the Fritter, expounding on all things Key West, and other goodies, no matter what the weather brings.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “The Long Key West Winter Begins…”

  1. I’ve tried to comment TWICE.
    I didn’t write all that much either time. I had two questions.
    both times it said my time had expired and I had to start over.
    I do not like wordpress said tam I am. I do not like it.

  2. my question is…
    is the keys heat really unbearable in the summer…
    or is there a cooling ocean breeze each day too … since you’re so close to the water?

    • It takes some real conditioning to put up with the heat in summer. You learn fast. Wear light weight, light colored clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen. Drink lots of water, sometimes a sports drink. The smart ones don’t drink booze but there ain’t too many smart ones around here. Take frequent breaks when outside and stop and rest if things get too unbearable. You learn real fast not to randomly touch anything dark in color. A black car hood will burn your hand right quick. Most of it is common sense really. Like all the precautions one would take for being out in the freezing cold. Except, those of us in the heat had enough sense to move away from the cold.
      There is an ocean breeze all the time. It does help if you are near the water. Where my current hovel is, I don’t get much of the breeze as I am more in the center of the island. On a boat you feel it a lot.
      This climate is not for everybody. It takes some real getting used to which is why most of the snowbirds are gone by late spring. They can’t take the heat nor humidity. Personally, it’s one of the big reasons I am down here. I much prefer it to be hot.
      C. F.