Jan 082016

No, they ain’t gonna dig up North Roosevelt again.  Nope, this is much more important.

It’s time for the Fritter to get some much needed upgrading and maintenance.  I’ve been using the same format for awhile now and some of the backend stuff like code and memory are getting stretched to the limits.  Much like myself, the Fritter is a bit bloated, old, and out of shape.  So sometime between now and Monday, Jan. 11th, I will go in and open up the insides of the this mess and see what I can screw up.  The site may be down for a while during said construction so you can’t see how badly I am screwing things up.  When it’s all done and finished the Fritter will be back up and running as abnormal as always.

I’m not totally sure if I will keep the same theme running or try something new.  One of the things I am looking at are some new themes which will give the site a more better look.  I may lose some info, mainly photos in the process, and I’ll go back and delete some of the older posts which have no real use anymore.  Beyond that, everything else will remain.

So if you have any old posts or pictures on here you want to save, please go in and copy them now (for your own personal use of course) before I get into this.  If you come by and see the ‘Under Construction’ sign, just be patient and try again later.

Thanks for all the support and your patience.  Be back soon.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Construction Alert…”

  1. Oh no! New and improved! Two of my least favorite words. I hope your improvements really are. 🙂