Jan 132016

You may notice the new widget over there on the sidebar from Bookings.com.  It’s a new affiliate program I’m going to try out to make millions over top of the millions I already bring in with this site.  I’m not big on advertising but this kinda sorta fits in more better with the theme of the Fritter.  I do happen to on occasion mention something about Key West now and then, so might as well promote the damn place.  I hope you all don’t mind and if you do, too bad.  The Captain needs some income dammit.

So if you just happen to be planning a trip down here anytime in the near or far future, have a go at the widget and see what kind of deals they have.  Hopefully it will make it more easier for you to find a place to stay down here.

Capt. Fritter

Here is another link to the rest of the country…


  2 Responses to “Well, It IS A Travel Blog…”

  1. FINALLY! I think this is a great idea. and one you should have done all along.
    as a matter of fact I think the keys chamber of commerce should have been paying you for all your service
    ALL this time!